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Wednesday Bird Droppings: A big stadium decision looms

Plus: Gunnar gets compared to Rolen (again), the O’s get graded, and the Nationals are waiting on the MASN money.

Saturday Bird Droppings: Gunnar Henderson is the man of the hour

Wednesday Bird Droppings: O’s discussed Profar and Greinke

Pitching remains a priority, the Angelos family remains at war, and DL Hall’s story.

Taking stock of the Orioles’ starting pitching situation

With the off-season nearing its end, the O’s rotation isn’t looking much different from where it concluded 2022. But it’s not all disappointing.

Saturday Bird Droppings: Angelos and Elias do pointless radio hit

The prospect accolades keep piling up, the O’s profile rises in Latin America, and the infield conundrum.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: The Orioles have the first base depth they desire

Plus: Hall earns high remarks, Robo umps incoming, and Díaz is an Oriole...but for real this time!

Saturday Bird Droppings: Arbitration done, next up is spring training

The AL East, the rotation, and wrapping up the McCann trade.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Carlos Correa agrees to deal with another team that isn’t the Orioles

Move love for the O’s prospects, Frederick hopes for affiliation again one day, and Vallimont stays in the organization.

The lack of extension talks for young core may be the most disappointing aspect of Orioles offseason

While other teams lock up their young stars for years to come, the O’s are silent on what the future holds for Rutschman, Henderson, and others.

Saturday Bird Droppings: Projections reveal Orioles obvious needs

In today’s news: projections like Kremer, the backup situation at first base, and how the bullpen shakes out.