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Commentary & Analysis

Commentary and analysis on the Baltimore Orioles from the writers of SB Nation's Orioles blog, Camden CHat.

AL Contenders check-in: The Orioles clinch the AL East

The Orioles are going to the postseason! And some other teams are too, I guess.

James McCann’s 2023 success holds a clue to the Orioles’ own

It’s a winning formula: no stragglers at any position, and platoons for rest and matchups.

In a surprising twist, the Orioles are poised to have the AL’s best postseason rotation

If Dean Kremer or Kyle Gibson can join in on the excellence shown by Bradish, Rodriguez and Means, this O’s rotation is more than good enough to carry them to an AL pennant.

Could DL Hall be the Orioles’ postseason X-factor?

As the O’s bullpen experiences somewhat of a late-season crisis, it could be time to put faith in its youngest member

AL contenders check-in: Orioles and Rays clinch, Wild Card and West stay close

The Orioles and Rays are going to the playoffs. The only question is: who gets the division?

Are the Orioles lucky or good?

Even now that they’ve been atop the AL East for the good part of a season, there are still voices chiming in to say that the Orioles’ success owes much to luck.

Jack Flaherty should view his bump to the bullpen as an opportunity

Briefly considered a significant trade acquisition, Jack Flaherty now finds himself out of the Orioles rotation. The former Cardinal should view his move to the bullpen as one last chance to help the team win.

In earning a split with Tampa, the Baby Birds showed they’re ready for October

Before the four-game set with the Rays, it would have been understandable to question how the youngest Orioles might respond to postseason baseball. We don’t have to question any longer.

The potential return of Félix Bautista would be such a boost to playoff-bound Orioles

Despite the tear in his UCL, Bautista threw a side session over the weekend. Right now, all signs are pointing towards him making a comeback for the Orioles postseason run.

The only thing that can spoil Bradish’s coming-out party are hanging breaking balls

The right hander has some of the best breaking stuff in MLB. Last night, Tampa Bay took advantage of his leaving it up high, where it can be hit.

Orioles navigating shorter starts, uncertainty on mound as division race heats up

John Means’s return, Félix Bautista’s injury, and several short outings have led to some uncertainty on the mound and plenty of work for the bullpen.

The 2023 Orioles could prove to be the best team of the Camden Yards Era

With 100 wins and a division title in sight, this O’s team has a chance to accomplish things we’ve never seen since the move to OPACY in 1992.

Jack Flaherty’s Orioles stint has been as bad as many feared

With a return from John Means on the horizon, it would take a miracle turnaround for Flaherty to find his way onto the O’s postseason roster.

AL contenders check-in: Orioles increase lead on Rays, Rangers fall apart

The AL West and Wild Card races are tight and the Orioles try to stay ahead of the Rays

There’s improvements coming out of the Shintaro Fujinami reclamation project

At least you can’t call the 6’6" control-strapped fireballer boring.

Will the Orioles choose a starting second baseman for the postseason?

Jordan Westburg, Ramón Urías and Adam Frazier all provide something different. Will the Orioles prioritize any member of the trio when it matters most?

The Orioles are taking a gamble on the value of veteran presence with returns of Hicks, López

Neither the veteran outfielder nor former All-Star closer have great numbers in 2023, but the O’s are betting their presence can pay dividends in September and October.

The expected return of John Means is coming at the perfect time

With just weeks left in the season and the AL East title on the line, the Orioles could use one final boost. The return of their ace might be exactly what they need.

The early returns on the six-man rotation are positive

In lieu of adding a bona fide ace at the trade deadline, the Orioles have decided to go with quantity over quality. So far… it’s looking pretty good.

Anthony Santander remains at the heart of the Orioles lineup

After years of trade rumors, Anthony Santander remains one of the most important hitters in the Orioles lineup.

Is Adley Rutschman going to be the Orioles leadoff man for the long term?

Over the past month, Brandon Hyde has turned to his All-Star catcher as his leadoff man. Will this prove to be Adley Rutschman’s best spot in the lineup long term, though?

The Orioles have plenty of worthy candidates to be September call-ups

This year, the Orioles’ plans for September are a little different than they had been during a lengthy rebuilding process.

AL contenders check-in: Mariners rise, Blue Jays and Rangers tumble

The Blue Jays lost their postseason spot and the Rangers are close to losing their division lead

A guide to wOBA and which Orioles hitters are standouts in it

The poster child of the sabermetrics revolution, it rolls all hitting metrics into one to tell you if a hitter is creating runs.

The Orioles bullpen is set for a September shakeup

DL Hall, John Means and Tyler Wells are set to shake things up in a big way. How will Baltimore balance talent and experience while chasing a division title?

Five position players playing for their roster spot as we head into September

While the impending September call-ups may bring some players their first opportunities in Baltimore, they may also signal the changing of the guard for some O’s vets.

I regret to inform you that John Angelos has opened his mouth again

The managing partner has yet to understand it’s best if he stops talking

Thinking through the Orioles potential playoff rotation

There are still a few weeks left in the regular season. The Orioles will need to spend that time evaluating their rotation options for what will hopefully be a deep postseason run.

AL contenders check-in: Yankees crash and burn, Mariners continue to push

Will the Mariners be able to grab a playoff spot?

The Orioles defense has flown under the radar—just like the team as a whole

From a dicey start in April/May, it’s now a strength of this unit.

Jacob Webb has slid right into a high-leverage role for Orioles

Whether out of necessity or by design, the Orioles appear willing to trust Jacob Webb in high-leverage situations.

Samuel Basallo and the Orioles’ international prospect revolution

The O’s were late to the party when it came to investing in the international market. However, Mike Elias’ investment abroad is finally yielding serious results.