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Commentary & Analysis

Commentary and analysis on the Baltimore Orioles from the writers of SB Nation's Orioles blog, Camden CHat.

The Orioles’ win-now mindset will impact roster decisions from the jump

With the rebuild "behind us," winning is once again strategically relevant in Baltimore. How does that change things in the short term?

What to make of the disparity in Colton Cowser’s prospect rankings

A change in the outfielder’s offensive profile has diminished his stock in some circles while confidence was unwavering elsewhere. What does it all mean?

How are we supposed to feel about the Orioles right now?

A couple of tawdry legal disputes are distracting from what is otherwise a team going in the right direction.

The Orioles’ 2023 rookie class may be even better than 2022

Led by Gunnar Henderson, 2023’s rookies have everything it takes to outshine the rookie performances of Adley Rutschman, Felix Bautista and the rest of the 2022 class.

Can the Orioles really afford to trade Anthony Santander or Ramón Urías?

The Orioles are rich with prospects, but can they afford to lose talent anywhere on the big league roster?

Taking stock of the Orioles’ starting pitching situation

With the off-season nearing its end, the O’s rotation isn’t looking much different from where it concluded 2022. But it’s not all disappointing.

Should DL Hall get another shot in the rotation in 2023?

The lefty is wild, but not in a way the Orioles can’t fix.

What does a successful 2023 look like for the Orioles’ best hitters?

With the offense falling flat at the end of 2022, we look to see what the top of the lineup needs to do to find success in ‘23.

Which starters are locks for the Orioles rotation?

The Orioles may not have made significant additions to the rotation, but they have more than five candidates on the roster. How many spots are truly up for grabs?

The lack of extension talks for young core may be the most disappointing aspect of Orioles offseason

While other teams lock up their young stars for years to come, the O’s are silent on what the future holds for Rutschman, Henderson, and others.

Will Kyle Gibson be an upgrade over Jordan Lyles?

There’s a risk that the homer-prone righty fails to cross that bar, but then again, Walltimore could help him more than most.

How Felix Bautista can continue his mountainous rise in 2023

After an impressive rookie season, The Mountain still has room to grow if he wants to rise to the heights of other elite closers.

How much tougher has the AL East competition gotten?

The Orioles’ near rivals have deep pockets, and this offseason, they’ve showed it. What happens to "liftoff" now?

Orioles banking on internal additions, not free agency, to strengthen rotation

After going down looking in free agency, the Orioles will depend on rookie Grayson Rodriguez and a rehabbing John Means to help bolster their rotation.

Backup catcher is a glaring need the front office seems in little hurry to address

After a bottom-of-the-barrel season from Robinson Chirinos last year, the Orioles are running out of time to find an ideal understudy for Adley Rutschman.

What are the Orioles’ plans for the infield?

Mountcastle seems entrenched at first base, but the rest of the setup is a mystery with the likes of Henderson, Urías, and Mateo able to play all over the dirt.

Know Your Orioles 40-Man: Lewin Díaz

Why he’s here: he’s a power-hitting lefty bat. Will he be around long? That depends on this team’s ambitions.

Orioles free agent target: Brandon Belt

He’s a lefty first baseman who won’t command a huge contract. That could be a realistic fit for the Orioles.

Mike Elias revisiting “liftoff” throws cold water on the idea of a big Orioles move

"Liftoff" seems to have meant something different to the general manager than it did to you and me.

Orioles free agent target: Andrew McCutchen

The former MVP would provide leadership, speed, and modest production for an Orioles team looking to maintain a winning culture.

Orioles free agent target: Zack Greinke

If the Orioles don’t want to spend much for another veteran starting pitcher, the former Cy Young winner could be an intriguing short-term fit.

Orioles free agent target: Christian Vázquez

Backup catcher, anyone?

Orioles free agent target: Ross Stripling

The swingman could provide Baltimore significant starting pitching depth behind a rotation not expected to work deep into games.

Orioles free agent target: Andrew Benintendi

Could the former Red Sox and Yankee be the answer to the Orioles’ need for outfield depth while boosting the team’s on-base percentage?

Orioles free agent target: Masataka Yoshida

The sweet-swinging lefty from Japan’s top league will be posted for MLB teams, and his bat would be a huge addition for the Orioles.

Orioles free agent target: Chris Bassitt

A veteran pitcher with a track record of consistency and a cost that won’t break the bank could be the ideal solution for an Orioles rotation that needs reinforcements.

Orioles free agent target: Brandon Nimmo

The Orioles are looking for someone with Nimmo’s skill set. Will they do what it takes to get him?

Orioles free agent target: Michael Brantley

Having a good OBP was mostly not a 2021 Orioles skill. They can try to fix that with a free agent.

Orioles free agent target: Andrew Heaney

He’s rarely been great, but could he be good enough?

Orioles free agent target: Carlos Correa

Correa links to Mike Elias’ time in Houston, and his on-field ability make the shortstop an interesting free agent target if the O’s are looking to add star power to their lineup.

Orioles free agent target: Nathan Eovaldi

Could the Orioles stay in the division and swipe Nathan Eovaldi from the Red Sox?

Orioles free agent target: José Quintana

The big money starters are probably going elsewhere. The Orioles may need to find value in the lower priced ones.