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Commentary & Analysis

Commentary and analysis on the Baltimore Orioles from the writers of SB Nation's Orioles blog, Camden CHat.

As the Orioles hold back Rutschman, what have they gotten from their current catchers?

Everyone is impatiently awaiting Adley, but how have his stand-ins been?

Could a healthy Dean Kremer follow Keegan Akin’s path to quality reliever this season?

Keegan Akin and Dean Kremer both disappointed last year, but Akin has bounced back in the bullpen this season. Will Kremer follow suit?

Trey Mancini is starting to look like his old self this season

After a season spent returning from the effects of his cancer battle, Mancini’s metrics are back stacking up well across all of baseball.

Orioles fans are right to be clamoring for an Adley Rutschman promotion

There is still plenty to be learned down on the farm for many of the O’s high-profile prospects, but Rutschman is ready for the big league lights right now.

How are you feeling about the Orioles after a month of the 2022 season?

The Orioles have done better than expected so far. There’s also a lot of season left for a collapse.

Jorge Mateo has been a sparkplug for the Orioles

The shortstop is finally getting to take advantage of regular playing time.

Tyler Wells is combatting his pitch limit by throwing strikes

The former Rule 5 pick has maximized his pitch limit by avoiding the free pass. Has he solidified a spot in the rotation?

Austin Hays is looking like a budding star for rebuilding Orioles

Other players like Ryan Mountcastle and Adley Rutschman have gotten more hype, but Hays looks like a player for Orioles fans to be just as excited about.

An overhauled approach has Bruce Zimmermann pitching his way into the Orioles future

Fewer fastballs, way more changeups, and added consistency have the hometown kid leading a much improved Orioles rotation

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Logan Allen

If a rebuilding team like the Orioles can swipe a former top 100 prospect they think has potential, they’ll do it.

On the role of the ball and The Wall in the Orioles’ recent offensive woes

The Wall’s homer-hungry tendencies are combining with a newly deadened ball whose effects we’re just starting to understand.

What do the Orioles’ mixed signals on defensive versatility mean for Chris Owings?

The slumping utility man used his ability to play shortstop to dodge the first round of roster cuts, but can the Orioles afford to drop him now?

Orioles pitchers have been decent without relying on strikeouts

Baltimore’s pitching has been solid in several areas, and the team has done it without pitchers blowing away hitters.

What’s behind the struggling Orioles offense?

Bad luck, bad players, and bad dimensions. It’s all adding up to suppressed run scoring for Baltimore.

The Aces of April: Fun while it lasted?

Orioles pitching, so stellar out of the gate, has taken a turn for the worse. The good news is that some of the bad looks temporary and some of the good longer-lasting.

How long will the Orioles stick with veteran stopgaps in the infield?

The Orioles are biding their time with veteran infielders. But wouldn’t it be more exciting to give some minor leaguers a shot to prove themselves instead?

Examining the Orioles’ internal starting pitching candidates

The loss of staff ace John Means was further complicated by Chris Ellis’ shoulder inflammation. When will the prospects arrive, and who can pitch in the meantime?

With John Means out, who will be the Orioles’ most attractive deadline piece?

The O’s top starter was bound to be a serious midseason trade candidate. But with his injury, who takes his place as Baltimore’s best potential trade chip?

The Orioles long-promised youth movement is closer than ever

It’s been a long journey, and there remains work to do, but Mike Elias’ pipeline is nearing its first significant delivery to Baltimore.

Putting the Orioles’ recent stretch of pitching in perspective

We haven’t seen this level of competence from Orioles pitching in years.

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Chris Ellis

The Orioles prospects haven’t arrived yet, so guys like Chris Ellis are getting second chances.

Anthony Santander is off to a hot start in 2022

While the Orioles offense has been anemic, the young corner outfielder has been a rare bright spot.

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Marcos Diplán

If you blinked, you already missed seeing Diplán. He remains on the Orioles 40-man, just back in the minors.

Taking stock of the Orioles infield

Baltimore started the year with several moving parts in the infield. Where does everybody stand two weeks in?

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Travis Lakins Sr.

The early 2022 Orioles trend of guys who were bad last year showing back up is not great.

It’s been so far, so good in Orioles bullpen this season

Who knows if it will last, but Baltimore relievers have been getting the job done to this point.

Early results show that the Orioles pitching staff is taking steps forward

Small sample size warnings apply, but the O’s arms have been impressive and there is reason to be hopeful.

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Spenser Watkins

Spenser Watkins’s perseverance was rewarded last year, and even though he pitched poorly, he’s back again.

News flash: Cedric Mullins is still good.

Pitchers have adjusted, and in real time, so has he.

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Chris Owings

The Orioles tried to shore up their infield a little with a veteran utility infielder.

Orioles bullpen forced to make up for a lacking rotation early on

The Birds are using their relievers early and often so far in 2022, so they will need to make sure the bullpen doesn’t get burnt out.

Know Your Orioles 40-man: Anthony Bemboom

The current Orioles backup catcher was a fresh addition to the roster ahead of Opening Day.