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Commentary & Analysis

Commentary and analysis on the Baltimore Orioles from the writers of SB Nation's Orioles blog, Camden CHat.

Saturday afternoon Orioles game thread: at Rays, 4:10 ET

Welcome to the show, DL Hall!

What needs to happen for the Orioles to make it into the postseason?

The Orioles are in a six team mix for the three AL Wild Card spots. They need to find their way to at least 85 wins.

The best part of the O’s recent success? There’s room for improvement.

Winning while everybody’s at peak performance is one thing; the Orioles may still have room to grow.

Félix Bautista appears ready to tackle whatever comes his way

The towering righty has squashed control concerns in the face of high-leverage situations.

Let’s play hitting coach for Ryan Mountcastle

After setting the O’s rookie home run record in 2021, this year has been much more streaky for RMC. We take a look at what has caused some struggles and possible fixes.

What does Mike Elias mean by “liftoff” for the Orioles?

The GM had a noticeable shift in tone following the trade deadline. That could mean a whole lot of changes coming to Birdland this winter.

What will Trey Mancini’s legacy as an Oriole be?

Had he stayed a few more seasons, Mancini would have kept climbing up the franchise leaderboards. His statistical legacy in Baltimore is unfinished, even if his emotional impact wasn’t.

What do you think about the Orioles’ trade deadline moves?

The Orioles being in the race didn’t stop them from dealing a couple of players away.

Several under-the-radar moves helped spark Orioles’ success this year

Bullpen shakeups, outfield decisions and extending Brandon Hyde all put Baltimore in a position to be successful.

What do the Orioles’ starting pitchers need to improve?

As the O’s continue to try to identify starters for the future, we break down some of the biggest weaknesses of the current rotation.

Adley Rutschman is already one of baseball’s most important players

The rookie has quickly recovered from a rocky start to become a crucial member of an Orioles team that is turning heads all over the sport.

Ryan McKenna deserves your respect

The Orioles’ fourth outfielder is doing a very solid job.

Will the Orioles immediately return Kyle Bradish to the rotation?

The rehabbing righty could replace Austin Voth, or the club could option the rookie to Triple-A.

Do any Orioles have a chance to win awards for their 2022 seasons?

It’s been seven years since an Oriole even won a Gold Glove. Maybe that will change this year.

With a .500 Orioles first half in the books, how are you feeling about the team?

Even the optimists weren’t expecting the Orioles to play .500 baseball. They’ve done it anyway.

Five areas of improvement for the Orioles in the second half

We’re not trying to look this gift horse in the mouth, but there are a few areas the Birds should work on if they want to be .500 or better come fall.

Over/unders for the Orioles’ second half

The Orioles surprised everyone by playing .500 baseball in the first half. Good luck projecting the rest of the season!

Updating the Orioles’ organization depth chart after the 2022 draft

With all of the high picks from 2022 in the books, we take a look at where the new players slot into the best farm system in baseball.

Ramón Urías has provided a steady presence as Orioles third baseman

The former waiver claim has found a home at the hot corner, even if he may only be keeping the spot warm for an incoming wave of prospects

What a difference a year has made for the Orioles

The four biggest differences between the 2021 and 2022 Orioles: pitching, pitching, and pitching (and also defense).

Orioles’ recent success should provide confidence, not skepticism, as trade deadline approaches

The Orioles’ recent success indicates that the plan is working. Why change it now?

The Orioles’ trade history means they may be better off neither buyers nor sellers

Failed attempts at investing in the present should give the front office pause as they consider altering the 2022 squad.

How will the Orioles balance the rebuild with a roster that’s winning sooner than expected?

The Orioles have had an exciting first half, and are in the midst of an eight-game winning streak. It is providing an unfamiliar runway to the trade deadline for the Mike Elias-led front office

For this Orioles staff’s recent success, credit the coaches

A number of the starting rotation arms are throwing sharper stuff, and having more success than ever.

The Orioles have a place for Matt Harvey this season

Injuries and workload limits have created a need for the veteran with his 60-game suspension coming to a close.

The Adley Rutschman effect is already being felt after a quarter of a season

After only 41 games on the roster, the rookie catcher is making us forget a time before him ever existed.

What do the Orioles have in Nick Vespi?

That hair! That slider! Can the lefty continue his early-season success?

The back end of the Orioles’ bullpen is too good not to have a nickname

As the Orioles’ best four relievers continue to dominate opponents, it's about time we give them their own moniker.

The Orioles don’t have to be contenders in order to buy at the trade deadline

They have the farm system to add talent, provided that it is done with a view towards winning in 2023 and ‘24.

Why is Jorge López so good this year?

It’s not just the velo uptick.

Are Mike Baumann’s starting pitching days already behind him?

The Orioles' third highest pitching prospect has not started a game at Norfolk or Baltimore this season. How will his lack of an effective third pitch impact his future?

Orioles can look to Nats’ past success as they continue their rebuild

Even as the Orioles rise above the Nationals in 2022, lessons from the Nats’ past aggressive team building can help the Orioles shape their future.