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Camden Chat is the home of Camdencast, the Baltimore Orioles fan podcast. Camdencast features Mark Brown and Stacey Long.

Good Morning, Birdland! New Orioles podcast every Mon, Weds, Fri

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Camdencast: The Orioles are in the playoffs again

There’s nothing to wake up a slumbering podcast like the Orioles being in the postseason. Yes, Mark and Stacey are back to chat.

Podcast: Going crazy over Chris Davis signing

The Orioles have re-signed Chris Davis. Yeah, that's woken up Camdencast from our offseason slumber. Mark and Alex run down the details of the biggest contract in O's history and look ahead to the season to come.

Podcast: There's always next year for the Orioles

When there's a stretch between Camdencasts that saw the Orioles lose 15 of 19, you know there's not so much positive to say. Mark and Alex turn their lonely eyes to 2016 instead.

Podcast: What the heck can the O's do to fix this?

We've got some post-no-hitter blues on the newest Camdencast, and it's left us gloomy about the Orioles. We run through all of what's gone wrong to get us here and agonize over whether it could have been different, or if it can be fixed.

Podcast: Should the Orioles buy or sell?

Should the Orioles buy, or should they sell? It's a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer, although Alex and Mark try their best to answer it in a new start of the second half Camdencast.

Orioles podcast: Pondering Chen's Frederick Exile

It's been a good couple of weeks for the Orioles, which means lots of good stuff to podcast about, although there's also the mystery of the Wei-Yin Chen demotion. Listen to the latest Camdencast with Mark and Alex here.

Camdencast: Why is the Orioles offense gone?

Where did the Orioles offense go? We'd really like to know. We also have a lot to say about the return of Matt Wieters and Bud Norris, as well as the upcoming baseball draft. Check out the latest Camdencast.

Camdencast: Wrighting the ship. Listen in!

The Orioles are hanging in there heading into Memorial Day weekend, and maybe they'll be able to flip the switch and start doing better soon. Check out our thoughts on the latest Camdencast!

Podcast: Adam Jones is still awesome

The month of May is getting underway and while April could have gone better for the Orioles, it could have gone worse too. We break down the good and the bad in the latest Camdencast.

Podcast: Adam Jones is awesome & other O's things

Adam Jones is awesome. This and more #analysis about the Orioles (all small sample size, of course) in a brand new Camdencast. Give it a listen!

Podcast: Thoughts on the O's after the TB series

The sample sizes are small, yet still greater than zero, so here we are again to talk some Orioles. You can listen here any time you want.

Podcast: Orioles 2015 season preview. Listen here!

Can the Orioles win the AL East in 2015? Well, maybe, if a lot of things go right. In the first Camdencast of 2015, we try to figure out what will go right and what will go wrong in the upcoming season.

Podcast: Orioles-Royals ALCS preview

The Orioles are in the American League Championship Series! Ahh! Stacey and I are here with a new Camdencast to break down the matchup against the Royals.

Podcast: Celebrating the division-winning Orioles

Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated. Camdencast is back to celebrate the division champion Orioles and look ahead to the American League Division Series matchup against the Tigers.

Podcast: Silver lining for the .500 Orioles

The Orioles are hanging around the .500 mark, sometimes looking good, sometimes looking bad. Stacey and Mark run through the latest in a brand new Camdencast.

Podcast: Impressions of the O's two weeks in

The Orioles have made their way back to .500, and Camdencast has made its way back to you. Mark and Stacey run through the ups and downs of the first two weeks of the season. Give us a listen!

Podcast: Orioles season preview w/ Mark and Stacey

Another season begins and another Camdencast is upon us. Mark and Stacey lock in their win predictions for the upcoming year and run through what to hope for from as many players on the team as they can think of. Go O's!

Podcast: The strange feeling of spring optimism

Mark and Stacey are back and feeling happy about the upcoming season. Your eyes and ears do not deceive you - Mark is feeling good about this team. They'd better not let him down.

Podcast: How do you handle the O's being good?

Mark and Stacey are back as they try to figure out how to root for a good baseball team. The Orioles haven't given them a lot of experience up until now, but Chris Davis, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, and all the rest are helping them learn.

Podcast: Blowing off steam about Jim Johnson

Mark and Stacey are back with a new Camdencast just in time to rage over some Jim Johnson blown saves. Can the Orioles rebound from a disappointing stretch of games to get themselves back into a playoff spot?

Podcast: Orioles news roundup & NYY series preview

Camdencast is back with another episode. Rounding up the last week's news about the Orioles, and Mark is joined by Tanya from Pinstriped Bible to hear about the latest with the Yankees and preview the upcoming series.

Podcast: Chris Davis is Awesome; more O's thoughts

What's the number one story for the Orioles this season? Chris Davis is awesome? Mark and Stacey are back with a new Camdencast to sing his praises, along with all the rest of the great things about the Orioles so far.

Podcast: Mark & Stacey preview the 2013 Orioles

What should you expect from the Orioles in the 2013 season? Nobody has any idea! But it might be good. Mark and Stacey did their best to analyze all the angles they could pack into an hour and offer some predictions. Click the article to stream here.

Listen: AL East preview mega-podcast

With the help of some of his SB Nation counterparts, Mark previews the rest of the AL East. Hear each blogger's take on their own team and the division at large. Half an hour each on the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rays, and Yankees.

Podcast: Irrational excitement for this year's O's

Camdencast returns after a hibernating winter as Mark and Stacey admit to some of their irrational excitement for the 2013 season. Plus, our injury concerns, some J.J. Hardy talk, the Baltimore Orioles and lame promotions, and why it's OK to hope.

Podcast: Memories of the 2012 O's; a look ahead

For Andrew's farewell podcast, the guys were joined by Stacey for some reminiscing on the year that was 2012, Orioles and otherwise. There was much unexpected excitement - but what does it mean for the year to come? Can they do it again?

Podcast: Listen to Mark & Andrew's ALDS preview

The American League Division Series is coming up, and Mark and Andrew were joined on Camdencast by Tanya Bondurant from Pinstriped Bible to get the lowdown for the upcoming series between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees.

Podcast: Listen to Mark & Andrew's wild card take

Camdencast is a Baltimore Orioles fan podcast hosted on Camden Chat. In this episode, Mark and Andrew break down the AL Wild Card game as best they can.

New Camdencast: The Orioles Are In The Playoffs

With the Baltimore Orioles having qualified for the postseason for the first time since 1997, Mark and Andrew had to react on a new Camdencast to celebrate and marvel over the strange journey that led us this far.

Camdencast Comment Box for ... later in the week

The podcast comment box for the Camdencast to be recorded later on in the week of Sept. 23.

Camdencast Episode 39 - Let The Healing Begin

Camdencast is a Baltimore Orioles fan podcast hosted on Camden Chat. In this episode, Mark is joined by ESPN Insider Dan Szymborski. They try to wrap their heads around this winning Orioles baseball team, as unlikely as it's been.