O's predicted to finish last in the division


The number gazers over @ FiveThirtyEight have released their rundown of the AL East & everyone appears high on the Sawx to win it... by a lot. Oh, & they say that last year Boston was victim of "cluster luck", that's not what I'd call it.

Trumbo's 2012 HR Derby


Hey guys, Angels fan here and still a Mark Trumbo fan. Been following his career since he left the Angels and have been super happy to see him get off to a good start in Baltimore. Just wanted to share this recap of his performance in the Home Run Derby in 2012, last time he was an All-Star. We enjoyed it immensely as Angels fans. Really looking forward to see what he can do tonight!

Manny Gnomechado and Nicklas Gnomestrom are buddies


The neverending DC-Baltimore sports rivalry reached a brief detente as the Capitals tweeted out an image of the Orioles' pending giveaway chilling with the Caps' most recent one. While Baltimore doesn't have a competing hockey team, DC has a baseball team, even though many DC locals grew up rooting for the Orioles before 2005 (and still do). Make sure to enjoy the high degree of butthurt in the tweet replies from Nationals fans!

The Orioles are Coupon Kings of MLB


Duquette & Co. sure know how to find a diamond in the rough!

Cedric Mullins has chilled out; Settling in with Shorebirds


Since April 23, he has raised his batting average from .192 to .280

The Orioles are 6-0 for just the 2nd time in franchise history


The 1944 St. Louis Browns won the American League pennant that year with a record of 89-65, beating the Detroit Tigers by one game. They went on to lose the World Series in six games to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Orioles are undefeated!


Oh that looks good.

Chris Davis's mighty dong


It was looking dire for the Orioles in the 9th inning until Davis did what he does best.