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Thursday Bird Droppings

Another slow news day for the Orioles

Al Bello

Waiting on the Orioles to do something.....I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever happen. It's a super slow news time for the Orioles, and you can tell that even the MASN and Sun guys are having trouble coming up with something. Melewski's latest is asking the fans if we think players make too much money. I mean..of course they do. What is there to say about that?

Camden Depot: Will trading JJ Hardy improve the Orioles?
Short answer: probably not. For the long answer, read the article.

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Roberto Alomar, 1997 Fleer #696
Happy wedding, Roberto Alomar!

R.A. Dickey, New York Mets at odds after pitcher complains about contract offer at Citi Field function -
If you've heard the rumor that the Orioles might be interested in R.A. Dickey, the only source appears to be this article, which says 'The Rangers and every AL East team are among those that have inquired to varying degrees on Dickey." It'd be cool to have him, but I don't imagine it'll ever happen.

Is Nick Markakis or Nate McLouth the answer atop the Baltimore Orioles batting order? -
Is this even a question? I know Nate McLouth was good in the leadoff spot for a few weeks, but who thinks he'll repeat that?