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Saturday Bird Droppings

Joe Saunders Edition


Before we get started with today's links, a word about yesterday's open thread. It was completely out of control. I know the open thread is for discussion of whatever you want, but 1500 comments about guns, in which maybe five people participated, is not the intention. For anyone who wasn't part of of that conversation, the open thread yesterday was the most miserable open thread in history. And while there were no meltdowns in the giant conversation (which I had to read to make sure none of you adults were being so mean to each other than I needed to intervene), there was plenty of sniping and rudeness and other things that I'm not interested having on this site.

I know the off season gets crazy like that around here, and I know this has been a slower off season than we expected. Believe me, I wanted the Orioles to do something as much as anyone. I expect that with it being the weekend followed by Christmas that the site will be a little slower over the next four days, so hopefully when we're back at full strength we won't see what we saw yesterday. And I said this in the open thread, but I'm putting an embargo on any discussions about guns for six months. That's not a joke. Everyone's emotions are just too raw about it right now. I'm sure you all will find another hot button topic to make me have to read through (this is NOT a challenge), but I can't deal with guns. I can't.

OK. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Baltimore talking with Joe Saunders - MLB Daily Dish
The Orioles and three mystery teams!

Olney On Saunders, Hairston, Hanrahan, Howell: MLB Rumors -
I normally prefer to link to actual articles, but since the one in question is behind a pay wall, MLBTR will have to do. Buster Olney says it'll likely take something like 2 years/$15M to get Saunders. Interested in him at that price?

Orioles outright of Steve Pearce to Triple-A Norfolk |
It's a minor move, but one that some people think means that a player is about to be added. My money is on Saunders.

Camden Depot: Trade Target: Rick Porcello
With rumors that the O's are interested in Porcello, Jeremy Strain takes a look at if it's worth the risk for what the O's would have to give up.

The Orioles’ offseason so far? Not frustrating. | The Loss Column
If only we could all be as zen as Neal.

ON Top 50 Prospects 2013 – #35: Matt Taylor
Learn a little bit about Matt Taylor.

Are the Orioles being wise — or cheap — with their money? -
Schmuck wants the Orioles to stop being such cheapskates and sign Adam LaRoche.

Happy birthday to a ton of current and ex-Orioles! Elrod Hendricks, Zach Britton, Blake Davis, Chris Jakubauskas, Lonnie Smith, and Tom Underwood were all born on Dec 22nd. And a special happy birthday to our very own WestCoastO'sFan! Westie has been with us since he was just a kid, and today he says goodbye to being a teenager.