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Black Friday Bird Droppings

Are you out shopping today? Inside getting out the Christmas decorations? Or are you some poor sap who has to go to work (like me)?

Brian Matusz walking out to the bullpen, where he belongs.
Brian Matusz walking out to the bullpen, where he belongs.
Patrick Smith

Should Orioles Offer Arbitration To Everyone? | Press Box Online
Paul Folkemer disagrees with the Orioles' decision to offer arbitration to all nine of their eligible players, particularly Nolan Reimold.

Will Rafael Palmeiro fall off the Hall of Fame ballot? -
I think Rafael Palmeiro belongs in the Hall of Fame, but sadly I do not get a vote.

Pioneering Sports Agent/Author Ron Shapiro Explains 'Perfecting Your Pitch' In New Book | ThePostGame
An interesting interview with Ron Shapiro and how he got involved with sports. It all started with a guy named Brooks Robinson.

Savings multiply at the Shop with Black Friday sale | News
30% off all day today. Buy your loved ones some O's gear!

Orioles Buzz: Yard Work: Getting Camden Yards ready for its long, winter nap
Nicole McFayden doesn't get an off season.

Camden Depot: Decrease in Run Production Might Be Due to Defense
Some graphs and questions about steroids for your Friday.

Five Reasons Brian Matusz Should Be Given The Chance To Start - Baltimore Sports Report
The #1 reason is, "There's nothing to lose." Except games, of course.

Free Agent Target: Gavin Floyd | Baltimore Sports and Life
An analysis of Gavin Floyd and whether he's a good fit for the Orioles as a potential free agent signing

Happy birthday to former Orioles Brian Holton, Joe Price, and Guillermo Quiroz!

On this day in 1975, Brooks Robinson and Paul Blair won the last Gold Gloves. The two combined for 24 in their careers.