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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2014?
Paul Folkemer takes a look at the Orioles' current list of free agents and puts Brian Roberts as the odds-on favorite to return to the team in 2014.

Camden Depot: Chris Jones - The Latest Addition to the 40-Man
A look at Chris Jones, the guy many of us haven't heard of, who was just added to the 40 man roster.

School of Roch: Hendrickson not ready to retire
"He wants to reach out to Showalter, but hasn't been able to connect." Oh, Mark Hendrickson. It's not us, it's you.

Chris Davis: Baltimore Orioles Should Not Extend Just Yet
According to this guy, the Orioles shouldn't extend Chris Davis because there is no guarantee he'll duplicate 2013. Let me clue you in, guy, he won't duplicate 2013.

Baltimore Orioles to hire Braves assistant Dom Chiti as bullpen coach |
Dom Chiti was a special assistant in the Braves organization, which always sounds like a made up name to me. But he's buddies with new pitching coach Dave Wallace.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Al Severinson and Whitey Herzog.