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Saturday Bird Droppings

Somehow with this Grant Balfour business the Orioles have managed to make the off season exciting even without signing anyone important (no offense, Ryan Webb).

Nice glasses
Nice glasses

Putting together Bird Droppings for you fine folks today wasn't easy. If you look up the Orioles on Google News for the last 24 hours, it's 95% Grant Balfour, 3% Troy Patton getting popped for amphetamines, 2% David Lough being like, "Hey guys, remember me? I'm very happy to be part of the team!"

It's going to be 65 degrees in the Baltimore area today so I suggest you go do something fun outside, because who knows when you'll get this chance again. Tomorrow will be warm, too, but there is rain in the forecast. Paul and I are headed down to the DC zoo to see the baby tigers.

Free-agent reliever Balfour may file grievance against O's -
One Balfour clip for you, since the grievance topic came up after Mark posted yesterday.

Baltimore turning focus to Fernando Rodney - MLB Daily Dish
How do you feel about Fernando Rodney? He could be good, but he just bothers me.

David Lough: One Happy Oriole | Press Box Online
David Lough is just happy to be here

Ryan Flaherty looks in line to be Baltimore Orioles' second baseman | News
Get ready for full-time Flaherty!

Camden Depot: Comparing Cord Phelps and Ryan Flaherty at AAA
I totally forgot about Cord Phelps, but Joe Reisel hasn't. He compares Phelps and Flaherty based on his observations of them in the minors.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Taylor Teagarden, Andy Van Slyke, LaTroy Hawkins, Roger McDowell, and Elliott Maddox!

On this day in 1995, the Orioles signed Roberto Alomar to a three-year, $18 million contract. Robbie Alomar for just six million a year? Those were the days.