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Saturday Bird Droppings

The fans are restless. They're not going to take it anymore! Which is to say, of course they'll take it because what else are they gonna do?

Rob Carr

McLouth and Feldman aren't irreplaceable, but Orioles still need plan to replace them |
Dan Connolly says what a lot of what we're thinking, and reinforces that we need to wait to see the entire offseason before making final judgement.

2013 Strikezone Analysis: The Catchers | Camden Depot
Our old friend Lou Proctor has posted his analysis for how the catchers handled strikes in 2013.

The Norfolk Performances of New Oriole Cord Phelps | Camden Depot
It's a Camden Depot double feature as Joe Reisel shares his observations on new Oriole Cord Phelps.

Orioles Have Fans to Win Back, Again | Eutaw Street Report
Everyone is upset about the Orioles' inaction.

Analyzing the Newest Orioles Reliever - Ryan Webb | Orioles Nation
Learn more about Ryan Webb here! The more I read about him, the more I like the deal.

Rajai Davis is the Perfect Left Field Option for the Orioles | Orioles Uncensored
Dillon Atkinson at Orioles Uncensored advocates for signing Rajai Davis to play left field. Thoughts?

The Case Against Brian Matusz Starting | Baltimore Sports Report
I'm with this guy. Matusz just can't retire righties with enough reliability to be a starter.

Baltimore Orioles raise season-ticket prices, expand variable-pricing system |
The season ticket prices are going up about 5% and the team is introducing variable pricing for games. Instead of just regular and prime, they now have a super expensive ultra prime where weekend games against the Red Sox and Yankees are even more expensive (another reason for me not to go). Check out the whole article for more.

Baltimore Orioles, Dan Duquette head to Winter Meetings with to-do list |
Yeah they do. Too bad all the players will be signed by then.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Hal Smith and Rich Coggins.

On this day in 1977, the Orioles traded Rudy May‚ Randy Miller‚ and Bryn Smith to the Expos for Don Stanhouse‚ Joe Kerrigan‚ and Gary Roenicke.