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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Links for your day.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Good morning, Camden Chatters. Just 5 days until pitchers and catchers report, which means we'll have a few hours of being excited followed by a month and a half of boredom! 52 days until Opening Day, which is the day I actually care about.

Orioles Inbox: Will Dan Duquette add more offense? |
The off season is so slow that Britt has resorted to answering questions about other ballparks and the Ravens in this edition of Orioles Inbox.

The Unluckiest Man in Baseball: Jake Arrieta | Baltimore Sports and Life
Complete with another new stat someone wants me to care about.

Camden Depot: Earl Weaver and Batting Lineups: Weaver on Strategy
Another chapter of Weaver on Strategy broken down.

School of Roch: Orioles already camping out in Sarasota
Lots of players are already in Sarasota getting ready. This will be the best spring training ever, according to this article.

Orioles and Jair Jurrjens still in waiting game -
Still no official deal after his five day physical. What on earth?

Happy birthday for former Orioles Benny Ayala, Dave Borkowski, Endy Chavez, Jon Leicester, and Al Smith!