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Saturday Bird Droppings: Brian Roberts retires; the Orioles pack up for the year

All the Orioles news that's fit to print for October 18, 2014.

Al Messerschmidt

Hello, friends!

It's the first baseball-less Saturday of the offseason. Maybe you're busy running in the Baltimore Marathon to take your mind off of things. You probably didn't wake up today deciding to run in a marathon. That would be weird. Maybe you trained and you're off and you'll have fun and meet your goals and go all the way. Don't take your cue from the Orioles, who crashed and burned at like the 25 mile mark.

Former Orioles All-Star second baseman Brian Roberts retires from baseball - Baltimore Sun
Brian Roberts has retired. He told The Sun that he had a couple of offers from "very good teams" in August but he realized he couldn't play at the level he wanted to. Getting old sucks.

School of Roch: Showalter: "This is a real overwhelmingly sad time of the year for me"
We're sad too, Buck. Really, really sad.

A look at the Orioles’ ALCS TV ratings in the Washington market - The Washington Post
Orioles ALCS ratings in Baltimore obliterated Nationals NLDS ratings in Washington. Apples to oranges? Maybe, but we're not here to be fair. We're here to gloat.

Offseason begins as Orioles pack bags |
T.J. McFarland and Matt Wieters were the last players to leave on Friday. That is an odd pair of Orioles.

Here's a silly one from elsewhere in SB Nation MLB:

The 2014 Seattle Mariners and their baseball-reference sponsorship costs - Lookout Landing
If I'm feeling motivated, I might whip one of these up about the Orioles, but probably with fewer graphs, because that looks like a lot of work.

Today is the birthday of brawling legend Alan Mills (48) and Prez lookalike Garrett Olson (30).