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Thursday Bird Droppings: Nothing happened yesterday, but maybe something will today

What's happening in baseball lately? Nothing, basically. But maybe today will be the day something happens.

Dilip Vishwanat

Hello, friends. There are 150 days until Opening Day. We are in the doldrums, but we will make it through somehow.

There is very little going on around the baseball world despite the end of the Quiet Period at midnight on Tuesday. No one has signed anyone who matters or traded for anyone who matters. Perhaps this will be the day that changes?

Here is some of what passes for news with the Orioles to tide you over until something happens:

Free agent Nelson Cruz says returning to Orioles is still his first choice in radio interview - Baltimore Sun
I listened to the radio interview, and I am calling shenanigans on this headline. The radio host clearly couches the question as, "Assuming the money is where you want it to be," or something of that nature. Fie on anyone blowing up a story out of that, even on a slow news day. Fie, I say!

Orioles can rest easily with Hardy for three more years | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
CSN Baltimore's Rich Dubroff says the Orioles are in good shape with three more years of J.J. Hardy, and he is absolutely right.

The Hypothetical Cost Of The Orioles' Pitching Staff In 2015 (Press Box)
Stan the Fan thinks that the Orioles could bring back their entire pitching staff for the low, low price of $57 million. Wait, is that a low price, or even a good idea?

Elsewhere around the SB Nation MLB network...

What was the Tigers' most regrettable moment from 2014? - Bless You Boys
I am linking this post for one reason and one reason only, and that's because "Pulling Anibal Sanchez in the ALDS" is the runaway winner. Too bad, Tigers. Guess you shoulda traded for Andrew Miller.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Deivi Cruz (2003) and Leo Hernandez (1982-85). I try to forget about Deivi Cruz. I was unsuccessful in doing so today. Stupid birthdays. It's also the birthday of vaguely interesting free agent Adam LaRoche.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on November 6. Have a safe Thursday.