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Saturday Bird Droppings: Where we're getting our last weekend Christmas shopping done

Orioles fans are ready for Opening Day, but Matt Wieters might not be. Some stuff about the Orioles new hitting coach as well in your Saturday links.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 107 days until Orioles Opening Day 2015. Almost down to double digits! But not quite there yet. Every year I wonder how I manage to make it through the offseason. I guess sometimes football alleviates the boredom for a little while. There are a couple of games later today. They'll probably be boring.

Is your Christmas shopping done? Mine isn't! Which is also why your Bird Droppings are late. Sorry about that. I'll get right on both of those things.

Here are some links from around Birdland for you to check out while you're standing around in a checkout line...

Busy Orioles week: new pitcher, new hitting coach | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
I think the CSN headline writer here is being ironic, although I can't be too sure.

Texas Rangers lose another minor-league hitting instructor | Dallas Morning News
A little perspective from a Dallas media member about the new O's hitting coach, including a tidbit that the Rangers tried to keep him by offering a three-year contract.

School of Roch: Wieters on his rehab and opening day
Matt Wieters is on a light throwing program, making tosses from 60 feet. That probably has something to do with why the Orioles aren't sure he'll be ready for Opening Day.

Charlie Manuel rebuffs offer to join Baltimore Orioles, could see bigger role with Phillies |
Turns out that before the O's made their offer to Scott Coolbaugh, they tried to talk Charlie Manuel into being their hitting coach, but he said no thanks.

One from elsewhere around SB Nation MLB:

Detroit Tigers prospect Wynton Bernard appeared on Family Feud - Bless You Boys
Our Tigers counterparts found video of one of their minor leaguers appearing on Family Feud, which raises these questions: What Oriole do you think would be the best teammate to have on that show? Who would be the bad teammate who makes the audience laugh with hilarious answers?

The lone former Oriole with a birthday today is Aubrey Huff, who unfortunately did not unearth that rally thong until he left for San Francisco.

Orioles signings on this day include the likes of Steve Kline (2004) and B.J. Surhoff (1995).

And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 20 - or at least unless something happens later. Now go finish your shopping! Have a safe Saturday.