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Saturday Bird Droppings: Dreaming for a minute about Matt Kemp or Justin Upton

A whole lot of guys left the Orioles this week. Well, three guys, but they were important guys. There are some vague rumors about Matt Kemp and Justin Upton, and a whole lot of reactions to the Andrew Miller signing in today's links.

Harry How/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

Well, it was a busy week for the Orioles, what with them losing all of their three biggest free agents. The wisdom of these non-signings will be debated for the rest of the offseason, and, if the Orioles don't do as well in 2015, it'll continue being debated until such time as they win again.

Should they have really been expected to go four years for the 34-year-old Nelson Cruz? Four years for Nick Markakis who is getting surgery on his neck before the ink is even dry on his new contract? Four years for Andrew Miller, who has basically had two good seasons in his major league career? It's tough to swallow the loss of those guys, but it's also tough to imagine the Orioles continuing to do what they've been doing if such huge chunks of payroll are dedicated to players who will be declining during their contracts.

There are 121 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2015. From here on, you just have to get through 11 days, then do that ten more times. That is one-21, although actually right now the Orioles have no 21 at all.

That made me sad. Let's get to the links.

Baltimore Orioles reportedly interested in outfielder Matt Kemp - MLB -
A rumor that has bubbled here and there over the last few days is that the Orioles are interested in Matt Kemp. But the Dodgers asked for Kevin Gausman or Dylan Bundy and that was that.

School of Roch: More on Duquette's Q&A session and Orioles' reported interest in Upton
Here is another vague rumor: The Orioles are interested in Justin Upton, who has one year on his contract left with the Braves. What would it cost for that one year? I don't know, but here's his combined batting line for the last four seasons: .276/.355/.479. Dude.

Andrew Miller a good add for New York Yankees, but four years? - MLB - ESPN (Insider required)
Long-time Camden Chat favorite Keith Law offers the opinion that Miller was a good sign for the Yankees, but they probably gave him too many years. That about sums it up.

Q&A with 'Newsroom' and 'Take Care' actor Thomas Sadoski, who's an Orioles fan - Baltimore Sun
An actor on The Newsroom is an Orioles fan and he answered some questions for the Sun's Jon Meoli. I also received a pitch from a PR person to talk to Mr. Sadoski, which I probably should not have ignored. Oops.

Now let's check in around SB Nation MLB to see how some of our counterparts have responded to the Miller signing...

Andrew Miller signs with Yankees, shaves beard, everything is terrible - Over the Monster
In the world of Red Sox fans, it is high tragedy that Miller has signed with the Yankees, not because he'll be pitching for the Yankees (although that sucks) but because he had to shave his beard. That is unfortunate.

Closer Signings: Yanks Nab Miller - The Crawfish Boxes
The Astros blog reacts to the news that their team actually bid more money for Miller but did not land the player. Yeah, we've been there, guys. Try signing your draft picks. Couldn't hurt.

December 6 is chock full of interesting transactions, or at least what passes for interesting in boring offseasons. In 2012, the O's picked up T.J. McFarland in the Rule 5 draft. Two years before that, they acquired Mark Reynolds from the Diamondbacks. This is also the day in 2001 where they signed Marty Cordova, which is very early-00s Orioles, isn't it. Back in trade world, if we go back to 1979, this is the day the Orioles got Lenn Sakata from the Brewers.

Former Orioles born on this date: Jeff Schneider, whose life briefly interacted with the major leagues for 11 games on the 1981 O's. Mike Parrot, first round pick in 1973, who appeared in three games in 1977. Among Orioles you might actually remember, Larry Sheets, here from 1984-89, turns 55 today.

It's also the birthday of new Rays manager Kevin Cash.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 6 - or at least, until something happens. Have a safe Saturday.