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Thursday Bird Droppings

Snow day! Yes duck, we know. Not for you. We heard you the first time.


When Derek Jeter announces his retirement and his last home game will be against the Baltimore Orioles, it makes looking through the internet for fun links for you to read a bit of a chore. But I don't mind, because I have no place to be. It's a snow day! It's also pitchers and catchers, so soon we'll get to see photos of guys stretching while Buck Showalter stands around with a bat.

Only holes in O’s lineup are at 2B, DH, LF | Eutaw Street Report
Oh, is that all? This guy advocates signing Kendrys Morales to be the DH.

Orioles have busy camp with many questions | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Rich Dubroff has a spring training preview for you.

Orioles sign hard-throwing right-hander Juan Morillo to minor league deal | Baltimore Sun
Juan Morillo is fresh off a stint with the EDA Rhinos of Taiwan.

A.J. Burnett hits the jackpot in Philadelphia; Orioles right to watch from the curb |
Good news, guys. Peter Schmuck thinks it's good the Orioles didn't spend $16 million on A.J. Burnett. The guy didn't even have a winning record in 2013!

'Operation Hagy' Revolutionizing Fan Experience at Camden Yards | Orioles Uncensored
A kid from Towson is starting up a group with the intention of making louder, more organized fans at Camden Yards. Thoughts? I assume since they are modeling themselves after Wild Bill they'll also be drunk most of the time.

Happy 27th birthday to Henry Urrutia! It's also the birthday of former Orioles Jim Brideweser, Howie Clark, and Todd "The Todd" Williams.