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Thursday Bird Droppings

The sun is shining and the birds are singing...the Orioles just took two out of three from the Yankees.

Jim McIsaac

In Praise of Day Baseball | Roar From 34
Matt Taylor and I don't really agree on this, but it's a good article anyway. I'd love day baseball if I were able to watch the games.

Can a Manager Really Impact a Team's Performance? | Camden Depot
Jon Shepherd attempts to solve that age old question with some math and charts.

Examining The One-and-done Pitchers In Orioles History | Press Box Online
Part two of Paul Folkemer's story on players who appeared in just one game for the Orioles. Part one is here.

Orioles Take A Step Forward With Series Win In New York | Press Box Online
A look at the positives and negatives from the series against the Yankees.

Lough updates his health, Hunter talks about save, and more | School of Roch
I'm a little confused about Lough's health. He was having problems, the tests came back clear, and now he's fine? Just having the tests come back clear made his symptoms go away? I'm worried about the guy.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Wes Stock, Alberto Reyes, Chris Dickerson, Lee Lacy, and Mike Devereaux!