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Thursday Bird Droppings

After a rain out, a day game, and now an off day, I'm in need of some Orioles baseball on TV. Gotta wait until tomorrow, though.

Rob Carr

First things first! Mark and I discussed it and the two-games that the Orioles took from the Rays is indeed a sweep. So that means that pre-season contest results needed to be updated. Check it out.

Harvey, Shorebirds hunt down long win |
Some quotes from the 19-year-old Hunter Harvey after a very good day on the mound.

Showalter speaks after 3-0 win | MASN Sports
Quotes from our leader.

Orioles Climb Back To .500 With Abbreviated Sweep Of Rays | Press Box
Paul Folkemer wraps up the short but sweet series against the Rays.

Matt Wieters Early Season Success | Orioles Nation
A breakdown of the numbers behind Matt Wieters' success this season, and a look at his change in technique.

Matt Wieters, Rays Killer | Roar From 34
More praise for Wieters. I bet he wishes he could play the Rays every day.

Taking a Look at the Numbers; Give Ubaldo Jimenez Some Time Before Panicking | Orioles 101
Try and have a little faith, y'all.

Video: IT: Tommy Hunter |
Enjoy this video of Tommy Hunter doing karate moves and talking about the bullpen rule of respecting the fart. (Warning: Kevin Millar)

Orioles chose health over doubleheader | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Looks like the flu going through the clubhouse was at least partly to blame for the Orioles not going for the doubleheader yesterday.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Craig Worthington and Dave Huppert! Man, 12-year-old Stacey really thought Craig Worthington was going to be awesome. It's also the birthday of Tides hitting coach, Denny Walling.

On this day in 1993, the Orioles accidentally ended up with three players at third base at the same time. Oops. Here is the description from Baseball Reference:

With the bases loaded and one out, Mike Devereaux hits a fly ball which is trapped by Angels center fielder Chad Curtis, who throws home. Jeff Tackett, the baserunner on third, returns to the base after running halfway home. Brady Anderson, who was on second, advances to third. Chito Martinez, the baserunner on first base, rounds second and heads for third. Angels catcher John Orton walks to third base where he tags all three runners. Tackett is called out on a force, and Martinez is also called out, completing the rare inning-ending double play.