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Saturday Bird Droppings

It's the day after our first Friday night GIF party. Feels pretty good.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Showalter speaks after 8-4 win | MASN Sports
In which he blames Chris Tillman's struggles on being too strong.

Shorebirds and Keys Notes 4/12 - 4/15 | Orioles Nation
ON takes a look at Conor Bierfeldt, Federico Castagnini, Williams Louico, Dennis Torres, and Branden Kline.

Greatest Seasons in O’s History: Right Field | Eutaw Street Report
The four best seasons in right field for the Baltimore Orioles.

Once Through the Norfolk Rotation | Camden Depot
A look at how the pitching is going for the Norfolk Tides.

Nut allergy bonds Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz and 8-year-old Wyatt Alford | Big League Stew
Nothing brings two people together like a nut allergy.

Should the Baltimore Orioles Try to Sell High by Trading Zach Britton? | Orioles 101
The Orioles will have to get rid of someone soon with Troy Patton returning (maybe even Troy himself?). Could the O's get something nice for Britton?

Happy birthday to former Orioles Willis OtanezScott Kamieniecki, and Mr. Flat Breezy, George Sherrill.