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Thursday Bird Droppings

Bird Droppings: Matt Wieters and Caleb Joseph edition.

Ubaldo JImenez doing his best Adam Jones impression
Ubaldo JImenez doing his best Adam Jones impression
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Showalter says Wieters will catch "in the near future" | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Let's hope so. Not that I'm not rooting for Caleb Joseph, I guess.

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters speaks about visit to Dr. James Andrews -
Get your Matt Wieters quotes here.

School of Roch: Hearing from Showalter and Hunter after 4-3 win
Showalter says that while his saves haven't been aesthetically pleasing, Tommy has the mentality to get the job done. Barf. Hunter, for his part, says that "it's getting a little ridiculous."

Former Bison Joseph to debut with Baltimore Orioles |
Local Tennessee boy does good!

How the New York Times Baseball Map Hurts MASN | Camden Depot
Could that interactive baseball fan map we all had fun with awhile ago actually give cable companies the ammo they need to stop carrying MASN?

Caleb Joseph Scouting Report | Orioles Nation
Get to know a little about the newest Oriole.

Baltimore: Sac Fly City | Roar From 34
An Orioles history of a pretty unsexy stat.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Mike CuellarJohn Maine, and Alfredo Simon.

On this day in 1966, Frank Robinson hit a home run completely out of Memorial Stadium, the only player ever to do so. The ball went an estimated 541 feet.