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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Who's still pumped from last night?

Patrick McDermott

Happy Thursday, O's fans. Here is a little math for you to start your day. The Orioles are currently 69-50. If they go 22-21 over the rest of the regular season, they will end with 91 wins. To get to 91 wins, the Blue Jays need to go 28-12 (.700). The Yankees need to go 30-13 (.698). I'm not going to say the Orioles have this in the bag, but it's getting pretty close.

The Grand Slam: Orioles' top Yankees again on Adam Jones homer | Big League Stew
The first line of this story is, "The Baltimore Orioles are officially running away with the American League East."

Steve Melewski: Adam Jones: "Put me in the right spot, I'm expecting to deliver"
Adam says things that make me love him even more.

Orioles may have struck gold with Hunter Harvey - Minor League Ball
Despite elbow issues that ended his 2014 campaign prematurely, the Orioles may have gotten the best high school pitcher in the entire 2013 draft with the 22nd overall pick.

Orioles question Selig's authority over MASN -
More on the MASN dispute. What do you think Peter Angelos does with the letters that Bud Selig keeps sending him?

Who is Cord Phelps? | Orioles Uncensored
Somebody who won't see much playing time for the Orioles.

Do The Orioles Own the Worst Offensive Position in Baseball? " Baltimore Sports and Life
More about Jonathan Schoop being a bad hitter. Tell it to Dellin Betances.

Buck Showalter: "This Club Is A Lot Like The City" - Baltimore Sports Report
I love Buck.

Davis puts himself in No. 2 spot, O's go with it |
Apparently Chris Davis's little joke is to put himself at a random position or batting order every single game. Last night he put himself in batting second and Buck Showalter just left him there. "[T]oday was the first day in three years that I actually put my name in the lineup and they just filled the lineup in around me," Davis said. "Hard work and determination does pay off."

Three easily forgettable early-90s Orioles have a birthday today: Mike Cook, Mark Leonard, and Tommy Shields. On this day in 2009, Felix Pie hit for the cycle.