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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Bird Droppings the day after the win is so much better than Bird Droppings the day after a loss.

J.J. Hardy enjoys a post-game snack
J.J. Hardy enjoys a post-game snack
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, O's fan! Not only did the Orioles win last night, the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Rays all lost. That means the Orioles now lead the Jays by 2.5 games, the Yankees by six, and the Rays by 8.5.

This Doesn't Happen Very Often For The Orioles | Roar From 34
The last time the Orioles at least six games ahead of both the Red Sox and Yankees? 1997.

Andrew Miller on his O's debut and the crowd reception, plus other clubhouse quotes | MASN
He likes us!  He really likes us!

Baltimore Orioles MLB Trade Deadline Reaction | Orioles Nation
Analysis of the Andrew MIller trade and Alex Conway's opinion on what the Orioles should have done.

Two Looks at Tyler Wilson | Camden Depot
Learn a little about prospect Tyler Wilson, currently pitching for the Norfolk Tides.

Where Chris Davis is Really Struggling | FanGraphs Baseball
Dr. Sullivan diagnoses Chris Davis's illness.

Ballpark Quirks: Oriole Park at Camden Yards embraces its warehouse - MLB -
A little history lesson on how the Orioles decided to let the warehouse stay.

Andrew Miller ready to 'fit in' with Orioles | Associated Press
Andrew Miller just wants to do his best and help the team however he can, etc.

Losing Nolan Reimold a Mistake for the Baltimore Orioles? | The Baltimore Wire
This writer says the Orioles should have kept Nolan Reimold around and that losing him could cost the Orioles for awhile. Where, exactly, were they supposed to put him when he came off the roster? Steve Pearce is slumping now, but he was hitting like an All Star when Reimold came off the DL, and Delmon Young has been a great bench bat all season.

Joe Saunders signs minor league deal with Baltimore Orioles - ESPN
Saunders will report to Triple-A Norfolk on Monday. Saunders has already been released from the Rangers and Royals this year. If we see him in Baltimore this year, I'm going to bet something has gone terribly wrong.

Happy birthday to former Oriole Matt Riley! Fun fact, when Riley made his major league debut in 1999, it was the first time there was someone on the Baltimore Orioles who was younger than me. Today there are no Orioles older than me. That part of the fact isn't as fun.

On this day in 1995, the Orioles were one-hit by a rookie for the Blue Jays named Paul Menhart. Luckily for them, that one hit was a home run by Harold Baines and Mike Mussina pitched a complete game shutout. That's how you do it, rook.