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Saturday Bird Droppings

Magic number of five. Can you believe it?

Patrick Smith

It's another sunny morning in Birdland, no matter what the actual weather outside. The 2014 Orioles are a ridiculous team, and I mean that in a good way. No matter who they lose from their team or what bad news they are given, they just keep on winning. The O's now have 88 wins. In order for the second-place Blue Jays to get 89 wins, they'd have to go 13-3 over the rest of the season.

In the two races still close in the AL, the Tigers overtook the Royals for first place and the A's continue their wild card free fall. The Mariners beat the A's which puts Oakland just 1/2 game ahead of both Seattle and Kansas City. That of course means if the Mariners beat the A's again today and the Royals beat the Red Sox, the A's will no longer be holding one of the WC spots. Crazy.

On to the links:

What the Yankees can learn from these first-place Orioles | New York Post
I like the idea of this story, but the execution is kind of moronic. Oh well, first place!

Steve Melewski: De Aza on being an Oriole: "I feel young again, I feel 20 again"
Alejandro De Aza is thrilled to be an Oriole, and so far I'm thrilled to have him. It's so nice to root for a team that players want to be on.

Flashback Friday: The 1954 Orioles-Red Sox Match-up Was Actually A Good One | Roar From 34
The 1954 Orioles weren't good at much, but they were good at beating the Red Sox.

Taking An Early Look At A Potential Contract For Nick Markakis | Orioles Uncensored
The way he's been playing lately, I don't even want to think about the Orioles giving Nick Markakis a new contract. But for the right price he'd be a good fit for the team.

The Baltimore Orioles may have a gem in Chance Sisco | Orioles Nation
Baltimore Orioles catching prospect Chance Sisco continues to impress with the bat. How far behind is the glove? Is he the Orioles next great prospect?

Chesapeake boy's Make-A-Wish dream disrupted |
Boy wants to meet Chris Davis, but can't because Davis has been suspended. That's not cool. But I'm sure Nelson Cruz took good care of him.

Chris Davis' problem is the Baltimore Orioles' problem - ESPN
Jayson Stark with another perspective on professional athletes and Adderall.

Why did Davis do it? Thanks to condition, ball began to look like blur -
Sorry for the Jon Heyman, but this is another interesting perspective on the Chris Davis using Adderall issue.

School of Roch: O'Day, Markakis and Jones comment on Davis suspension
Player reaction to the Chris Davis suspension. Darren O'Day in particular seemed bothered by Davis doing this when he knew the consequences.

Camden Depot: How the Chris Davis Suspension Affects the Rest of the Season
Even more on Chris Davis.

Happy birthday, Rick Dempsey! The Demper turns 65 years old today. It's also the birthday of former Oriole Mike Adamson.

On this day in 1971, Frank Robinson hit a home run in each game of a doubleheader. And on this day in 2013, Chris Davis hit his 50th home run of the year.