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Saturday Bird Droppings: Where everybody settles before arbitration

A roundup of Orioles arbitration news to get your Saturday started, plus reason to panic if Dan Duquette leaves and an interview that Cal Ripken gave in New Jersey in your daily Orioles links.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 79 days until Orioles Opening Day. '79 was a fairly good year for the Orioles, you may recall. I can't say as I was there for it, although I have heard of it often as my parents got married that October and I always heard about people having to go out to their cars to listen to the Orioles on the radio during the reception.

I guess now you can follow important games on your phone, at least until your grandma comes over and yells at you for having your phone out at a wedding.

There is a lot of arbitration on the brain today. Do you think they will end up going down to a hearing with anyone? Steve Pearce is looking pretty likely. Anyway, your Saturday links:

Davis among four Orioles to avoid arbitration |
There were six players who went to exchanging figures for arbitration, but there were four, five if you count Tommy Hunter, who settled before things got to that point.

Six Orioles exchange arbitration figures | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Here's Rich Dubroff with a little roundup of the numbers that were swapped.

Orioles have list of high-profile ex-GMs in case Dan Duquette leaves - Baltimore Sun
You may think that you are prepared for how terrible this list of alternate GM names may be, but you are not. Let's just say that we could be in a bit of trouble if Duquette really goes to Toronto.

Exclusive Q&A: Cal Ripken Jr. believes Yankees, Orioles are both playoff-caliber teams |
Some New Jersey paper talked to the Iron Man about the Yankees and the Orioles. I don't really know why. Maybe it was actually Carl Ripken who they caught and were just confused.

Elsewhere around the SB Nation MLB network...

The Giants signed Nori Aoki, won't hit home runs - McCovey Chronicles
Some people out there wanted Nori Aoki, but Grant Brisbee and the Giants fans are the ones who will get to experience him.

We have one lone former Oriole with a birthday today: Happy 38th to Rob Bell, best/worst known to Orioles fans for giving up seven runs in the 30-3 game. He is also, if I am remembering my obscure Orioles correctly, known for ending up in Ozzie Guillen's doghouse in Chicago for refusing to throw at a batter in retaliation.

Baseball used to have a draft in January, and on this day in 1970 they selected Doug DeCinces in the third round. I'd say that pick worked out okay.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on January 17 - or at least unless something happens later. Have a safe Saturday.