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Crab Cakes

We find cool Orioles stuff around the Internet so you don't have to.

Video: Chris Davis breaks out of record hitless streak

The streak is over!

Watch J.J. Hardy get standing ovation, curtain call in final home game

J.J. Hardy’s probably playing his final home game as an Oriole on Sunday afternoon. Teammates and fans both gave him a little salute in his first at-bat.

Remembering Hyun Soo Kim's greatest hits with the Orioles

Hyun Soo Kim wasn't on the Orioles for long in the grand scheme of things, but he made a real impression. We wish him the best as the Hellickson trade sends him elsewhere.

Machado, Schoop combine for amazing double play

Manny Machado sometimes makes amazing feats seem totally routine. He and Jonathan Schoop struck again to turn a double play for the Orioles early in Monday’s game.

Manny Machado crashes the All-Star Game because he can

Manny Machado isn't in the All-Star Game, but that won't stop him from being AT the game in his hometown of Miami.

Jonathan Schoop has his bobblehead in Miami and it’s adorable

This will make you happy, Orioles fans. I promise.

What is the biggest problem facing the Orioles this season?

We all have that one thing that drives us crazy about the Orioles this year, even though we know there are many problems. What’s yours?

Trey Mancini did something no Orioles player has ever done before

Trey Mancini almost single-handedly won Wednesday’s game for the Orioles - and in the process, he etched his name into the franchise’s record books.

Machado crushes home run to second deck at Camden Yards

Certified strong human being Manny Machado blasted a home run into the second deck at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It was glorious.

Adam Jones sets the all-time Camden Yards home run record

Adam Jones tied the all-time record on Sunday, and now it’s official: No one has ever hit more home runs at Camden Yards than him.

Orioles turn bizarre triple play, team’s first since 2000

The bad news is that J.J. Hardy dropped another gimme pop-up. The good news is that this time, he used the chance to start a triple play for the O’s!

Orioles announce Mancini, Bundy t-shirt giveaway dates

If you’re an Orioles fan who wants to get a Trey Mancini or Dylan Bundy t-shirt, this could be for you, but the designs are, uh... uninspired.

Seth Smith hits Little League home run for the Orioles

A lot of things have to get weird for a player to score from home plate on a single. They all lined up perfectly for the Orioles.

Red Sox throw behind Manny Machado’s head, still lose series to Orioles

Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes blatantly threw a fastball behind Manny Machado’s head on Sunday when the Orioles were losing, 6-0. The O’s still won the series.

Adam Jones proclaims surprise pie of Ubaldo Jimenez “not a story”

Was the Wednesday post-game pie to the face of Ubaldo Jimenez just a one-off rebellion by the Orioles center fielder?

Orioles post-game pie makes shocking return

The post-game pie was dead and gone. Buck Showalter said so. Then, out of nowhere, there it was in Cincinnati.

Orioles unveil standard hideous alternate holiday jerseys for charity

If you just can’t get enough of ugly alternate special occasion baseball jerseys, MLB is accommodating you by having teams wear them for more games than ever.

Manny Machado catches Jonathan Schoop off guard

This is a short post about one dude slapping another one in the nuts. You have been warned.

Chris Davis hits 200th Orioles homer, Darren O’Day gets the souvenir

Davis’s first home run of the year - and O’Day’s first home run caught in the bullpen - gave the Orioles a 3-1 lead on Wednesday.

Manny Machado steals base hit and soul from Devon Travis

Manny Machado added another play to his career highlight reel on defense in the Orioles win on Opening Day.

The best of your “best Orioles game I ever went to” stories

On Friday, I asked for your stories of your favorite Orioles game you ever attended. The Delmon double was a popular choice - though many of us went farther back.

The best of your “favorite Oriole who nobody else liked” stories

On Friday, I asked for some of your favorite unheralded Orioles who nobody liked but you. One bold person even said Kevin Gregg.

Kevin Gausman and Mike Wright preview the Oscars

The Academy Awards are being handed out tonight. A couple of Orioles pitchers have some thoughts on the year’s movies.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is naked right now

There is no grass on the field at Camden Yards right now and it looks really, really weird.

Adam Jones twerking on television and other Orioles celebration highlights

You’ve seen a lot in life, but you’ve probably never seen Adam Jones twerking for Gary Thorne.

Video: Tommy Hunter drops two f-bombs on MASN, is awesome

The Orioles clinched a postseason spot and Tommy Hunter got really, really excited on live television.

Hyun Soo Kim’s home run was worth celebrating in two languages

Ninth inning comebacks are unlikely enough, for the Orioles or anyone else. Kim’s home run was even more unlikely.

The Orioles retirement gift to David Ortiz: The phone he destroyed

Three years ago, Ortiz destroyed a phone in the visitor’s dugout at Camden Yards. The Orioles saved the phone and gave it to him as a farewell present.

Video of O's winner: "They got him at the plate!"

"They got him! They got him at the plate!" Yes, they did. And it was great.

Featured Fanshot

Adam Jones pies Astros mascot

The Astros mascot, Orbit, had a bake sale table set up outside of the Orioles dugout. On that table were pies. You put a pie in front of Adam Jones, you assume the risk that entails.

Featured Fanshot

Adam Jones shows off his cannon

Featured Fanshot

Adam Jones swears on live television

"You said you wanted it... take that headset shit off. YEAHHHHHH!"