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Orioles GIFs

Orioles waste solid start by Jimenez, fall 5-2

The Orioles fell to the Astros tonight 5-2 thanks to a bad offense and an even worse bullpen. Ubaldo was OK.

GIF Tourney: Bud is outta here vs Markakis HR girl

Bud Norris was the only one who could take down Mount Crushmore. Will he have the same luck against Baltimore's sweetheart, the Nick Markakis HR girl?

GIF Tourney: Bud is outta here vs Mount Crushmore

We've come down to the final two. Who will it be? Will Mount Crushmore continue its insane run, fueled by anonymous voters, or will Bud Norris rule the day?

GIF Tourney: Nate's slide vs Bud is outta here

Two good GIFs go up against each other today. Let's hope one of them can beat Mount Crushmore.

GIF Tourney: Mount Crushmore vs Attaboy!

Will Mount Crushmore continue its improbable run? Or will it be taken down by Tommy Hunter's exuberance?

GIF Tourney: Tea Time vs Nate's Great Slide

In today's matchup, the #1 seed proves why my seeding process needs to be revamped.

GIF Tourney: Happy fans vs Attaboy!

It's happiness all around in today's matchup.

GIF Tourney: Chris vs. Chris

Two Chris Davis themed GIFs face off.

GIF tourney: Davis hits 50 vs Norris is outta here

We're into the second round of the second-half GIF tournament with Chris Davis taking on Bud Norris

GIF Tourney: McLouth and O'Day look silly

Two of my favorite GIFs in the tournament face off in the first round. Sometimes life is just not fair.

GIF Tourney: PhD in Webgemology vs Attaboy

Day three of the GIF tournament pits Manny Machado against Tommy Hunter

2nd Half GIF Tourney: Fan celebrations

Our GIF tourney continues with fan celebrations.

2nd Half GIF Tourney: Davis crushes & Jones dekes

The second half GIF tournament kicks off with two of your favorite Orioles.

CC GIF tournament: FINALS

It all comes down to this. Two fantastic GIFs have fought their way to the finals, defeating every GIF they encountered. Now it's time for you to decide which of these GIFs will win the first-half tournament.

CC first-half GIF tourney: semifinals, round two

We're one day from the finals and you can determine which GIF will make it. Will it be the fantastic play by Manny Machado or will it be Buck Showalter tossing the umps? Vote now!

CC first-half GIF tourney: semifinals, round one

We've been voting for our favorite GIFs of the first half and we're down to the final four. Who will move on to the finals?

Vote in GIF Tournament: Pleased Buck vs. HR girl

Camden Chat's First Half GIF Tournament is coming down to the semifinals as Buck is pleased faces off against the Markakis home run girl. Vote now!

First Half GIF Tournament - Round Two, Day Three

In which Buck Showalter ejecting an entire umpiring crew faces off against the strange power behind Did someone say dong?

First-Half GIF Tournament - Round Two, Day Two

Sometimes GIFs document sports and sometimes they are the sports. This time it's the latter as Alexi Casilla pits his athletic skill against an unnamed Orioles fan's resourcefulness in the face of comic opportunity.

Camden Chat first-half GIF tourney, round two

We've moved on to round two of the GIF tournament, where Manny Machado and Buck Showalter face off. Who will own it?

Camden Chat first-half GIF tourney, day 4

After today the round two matchups will be set. Who will join the others in the elite eight?

Camden Chat first-half GIF tourney, day 3

Day three of the GIF tournament is upon us. Who will you vote for?

Camden Chat first-half GIF tournament - day 2

It's day two of the GIF tournament. Vote for your favorite!

Camden Chat first half GIF tournament

Thanks to the genius of Aaron Royer, we have GIFs of the week. We vote on our favorites, and now those winners will do battle!