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Bird Droppings

Weekend Bird Droppings: Hitters minicamp ongoing in Sarasota

All eyes on are on the prospects as spring training draws ever closer.

Friday Bird Droppings: Still basking in Orioles prospect praise

Baseball Prospectus followed Baseball America’s lead in placing five Orioles in its Top 100 prospects list. Very nice.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Five Orioles make the Baseball America top 100 prospects list

For the second year in a row, there are five Orioles on Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list. This includes two in the top six.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Carlos Correa changing agencies passes as news now

This was clearly the only thing preventing the big name shortstop from landing in Baltimore

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the international signings keep coming

After landing 24 international amateurs on day one of the signing period, the Orioles didn’t stop there, making several more signings yesterday.

Monday Bird Droppings: Digesting an eventful Orioles weekend

Between the new fence distance at Camden Yards and the weekend’s international signings, there’s a lot to make you think about the Orioles future.

Weekend Bird Droppings: Orioles give glimpse at outfield fence changes

Renderings, the front office speaks, and a prospect update

Friday Bird Droppings: Negotiations have continued, but with little progress

MLB made a formal proposal to the players’ union yesterday, but reportedly it didn’t do much to move the needle toward a new CBA.

Thursday Bird Droppings: The 40-year anniversary of Frank Robinson’s HOF election

On this day 40 years ago, the Orioles got their first Hall of Famer. If you can believe it, 45 people did NOT vote for Frank Robinson.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Orioles to alter Camden Yards dimensions in left field

Changes coming to Camden Yards, Drem Rom keeps pushing, and the O’s advance in Latin America.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: An Orioles minor league minicamp begins

While most of baseball is in a holding pattern, the O’s are at least keeping their minor leaguers busy for the next week or so.

Monday Bird Droppings: Baseball gets the stage back in Baltimore

Football season is over in Baltimore, which means it’s baseball season! Except there’s no idea when the lockout will end and the Orioles actually play.

Weekend Bird Droppings: State of Maryland eyes long term deal with O’s, upgrades to Camden Yards

Pondering a Rutschman extension, discussing Hall of Fame ballots, and explaining pitch changes.

Friday Bird Droppings: Looking ahead to Orioles international signings

The O’s will reportedly be handing a franchise-record bonus to Dominican center fielder Braylin Tavera next week. Not too shabby!

Thursday Bird Droppings: The Orioles new radio home is their old radio home

Even as the lockout rolls on, there was some Orioles news yesterday. They’re heading back to WBAL radio for the 2022 season.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Orioles to celebrate 30th anniversary of Oriole Park

The ballpark that changed baseball passes another milestone, Grayson Rodriguez kicks a field goal, and there is still no real news.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the wait for baseball continues

We’re not just waiting for an end to the lockout, we’re still waiting for the serious negotiations to even begin.

Monday Bird Droppings: Back to reality

There remains no actual news, but perhaps the new year will get some gears in motion.

New Year’s Day Bird Droppings: New year dreams of a better Orioles team

Is this going to be the year the Orioles start to suck less? A guy can dream, and this one sure is.

New Year’s Eve Bird Droppings: Goodbye and good riddance, 2021

This year wasn’t much of an improvement over 2020, both from an Orioles standpoint and in the world at large. C’mon, 2022. Third time’s the charm.

Thursday Bird Droppings: About to close the book on another very bad Orioles year

The Orioles lost 110 games in 2021. Let’s hope that the calendar’s coming turn to a new year means better things for the big league club.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Caleb Joseph wants back with the Orioles

The O’s need a backstop, and the former fan favorite is ready to play ball.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Happy birthday, Mike Elias

The Orioles GM turns 39 today. Thanks to the lockout, he can’t celebrate with any meaningful changes to the O’s roster.

Monday Bird Droppings: It’s Michael Bourn’s birthday, and nothing is happening

The post-holiday hangover is real as baseball news is almost nonexistent.

Christmas Bird Droppings: Where we could use a better pitching staff from Santa

Merry Christmas to all in Birdland who celebrate. The Orioles probably won’t give you any gifts today.

Friday Bird Droppings: The Night Before Christmas, MLB Edition

It’s Christmas Eve. Maybe Santa will bring us an end to the MLB lockout.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Starting to think about the 2022 Orioles Opening Day roster

It’s two days until Christmas, so why not start thinking about next year’s Orioles? There’s nothing better to do!

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Buck Showalter officially introduced as Mets manager

There is almost literally nothing else going on.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Hurry up and wait

As the MLB lockout continues, the two sides are said to have made "very little" progress toward a deal. Sigh.

Monday Bird Droppings: Praise rolls in for the Mets hiring Buck Showalter

Former Orioles, including Zack Britton and Manny Machado, are big fans of Buck Showalter getting another managerial job.

Weekend Bird Droppings: Orioles won’t have reunion with Freddy Galvis

The lockout continues as we ponder the Orioles shortstop position in 2021, and Freddy Galvis takes a job in Japan.

Friday Bird Droppings: Nothing’s going to happen for a while

We’ve got several more weeks of the MLB lockout ahead of us. Hope you like minor league signings, because that’s all that’s happening.