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Saturday Bird Droppings: To Orioles FanFest we will go

A couple of Orioles legends are not among those worried about the Dan Duquette situation. This and more in your FanFest morning news and links.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 65 days until Orioles Opening Day and, importantly for today, zero days until Orioles FanFest. Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of me there somewhere today, if you will be in the neighborhood.

Stunningly, not much has happened with the O's since we last spoke, but hey, we got some news this week with that whole Travis Snider thing, so let's not get too greedy around here.

Here's your roundup from around Birdland to keep you posted on what's out there on this Saturday...

Palmer, Brooks Robinson defend Duquette | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
While there are those who are irate about Dan Duquette's lack of action when combined with all of the Toronto rumors, a couple of Orioles legend in baseball's Hall of Fame are not among them.

Orioles' 13-game ticket plan available again - Baltimore Sun
If you missed the news a couple of days ago, there will be 13-game season ticket plans this season after all. It is not clear that they will be exactly the same as before. We'll know soon enough.

Revisiting Orioles 2014 FanFest: What Players, Coaches Got Right
Friend of Camden Chat Paul Folkemer winds back to last year's FanFest to judge players and coaches on the predictions they made for the 2014 season. I can tell you one: J.J. Hardy saying Ryan Flaherty would hit 20 home runs didn't happen.

Elsewhere on the SB Nation MLB network...

What would Dayton Moore fetch in a trade? - Royals Review
The whole Duquette saga prompted our counterparts at the Royals blog to wonder what their own GM, Dayton Moore, would fetch in a trade. I'm going to guess not much.

The lone former Oriole with a birthday today is a Joel Bennett, who was here for two games in 1998. Some day, an Oriole you'd actually remember will have a birthday on the day I am doing the news, but it is not this day.

Not surprisingly, there are no transactions of note on this date, unless you count the 2011 signing of Mark Hendrickson, which, for goodness' sake, you shouldn't.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on January 31 - or at least, until something happens later. Which it probably won't, because FanFest. Have a safe Saturday.