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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Hey Mike. Guess what day it is?

The World Series is underway, which means that it's only a short time until the hot stove gets turned on. The more I think about the Orioles and how they'll approach the offseason, the more anxious I get. Does anyone else feel that way?

Domonic Brown should be on Orioles radar | Baseball Essential
What do you think? Is Domonic Brown the kind of guy you'd like to see in an Orioles uniform?

2015 Orioles Roster Review, Part Three: The Part-Time Position Players | Press Box
Paul Folkemer evaluates nine position players who combined for 30 percent of the Orioles' plate appearances in 2015 but never found a full-time role with the team.

Pirates claim Rondon off waivers - Baltimore Sun
Jorge Rondon was awful for the Orioles, so he'll probably be good for the Pirates.

Nicky Delmonico Trying to Find Footing with White Sox | Brew Crew Ball
It has been a bumpy road for former O's prospect Nicky Delmonico. It sounds like he might finally be getting it together down in the AFL.

Looking At The Orioles 2016 Steamer Predictions | Camden Depot
Can I link to a story about projections without it turning into a thing in the comments? Let's find out.

MLB Players Born Before/After Date |
This is a new page from Baseball Reference. You can put in any date and it tells you the players born just before before or after that date.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four Orioles birthday buddies: Nate McLouth (1981), Bob Melvin (1961), Juan Guzman (1966), and the troubled Sammy Stewart (1954), who I hope is doing well these days.