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Wednesday Bird Droppings

The Astros took down the Yankees in the Wild Card game last night, which means that so far the playoffs are going exactly as I'd hoped.

Good morning, Camden Chatters. We now live in a world where the Astros have won a playoff game for the first time since 2005, and eliminated the Yankees to boot. I still get salty that I'm not watching the Orioles in the postseason this year, but the game last night was a pretty good time.

The Wild Card game is pretty unfair (although exciting!) to begin with, and tonight's NL Wild Card game is just going to be cruel. The Pirates and Cubs both would have won any other division in baseball, but they have to settle for playing in a one-game playoff because the NL Central is ridiculous. I'll be rooting for the Pirates, but I won't be sad if the Cubs win. Who ya got?


Orioles reliever Brian Matusz has successful shoulder surgery - Baltimore Sun
Matusz had arthroscopic surgery on his non-throwing shoulder and don't worry, he'll be ready for Spring Training 2016.

Why I'm rooting for the New York Yankees | Baseball Essential
This Orioles fan writes about why he was rooting for the Yankees in the postseason. I don't know him, but he's dead to me. Also, way to pick a winnner, guy.

Blueprint For The 2016 Orioles (Option 1): Seeking A Cornerstone | Camden Depot
Camden Chat writer Ryan Pollack has begun moonlighting over at the Depot, and here are his thoughts on a viable offseason plan. They include letting Chris Davis walk and signing Matt Wieters to a three-year deal, so while I like Ryan, I'm gonna say no.

MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal Discusses Orioles' Offseason Outlook | Press Box Online
Ken Rosenthal is his usually sunny self about the Orioles.

Kevin Gausman looks back on his 2015 season and ahead to his future | MASN
Some nice quotes from our future ace.


Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have two very disappointing Orioles birthday buddies. They are John O'Donoghue (76), who pitched 16 games of relief for the O's in  1968, and Grady Hatton, who had 75 PAs and a 43 OPS+ for the 1956 Orioles.

It's also the birthday of rocker John Cougar Mellencamp (64), American Idol sourpuss Simon Cowell (56), and Russian leader Vladimir Putin (63).