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Tuesday Bird Droppings: In which Adam Jones wins an award for being a good guy

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We all know in Baltimore that Orioles center fielder Adam Jones is a good dude. He won an award on Monday night. Also in the Bird Droppings, free agent money speculation, sizing up the O's Rule 5 eligibles, and more.

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Hello, friends.

There are now 145 days until Orioles Opening Day 2016.

The good news is that the Orioles haven't really missed out on anybody yet. They haven't lost any of their own players and they haven't tried and failed to get players who could actually improve the team over a few million dollars. The bad news is it's probably only a matter of time. After all, the free agents who received qualifying offers won't be officially declining them (or, in an unlikely case, someone might accept one) until Friday, which will kick off the real market. Then, we'll know everyone who's out there and who's going to cost a draft pick.

To tell you the truth, I'm already preparing for disappointment. Maybe the O's will re-sign Chris Davis, maybe they won't, but I feel like I'm going to end up being bummed by whoever else they sign regardless. I've already found myself looking up random potential Asian signings, because it's been a while since Dan Duquette tried on one of those, and while the O's missed out on Byung-ho Park, there are others out there, some who will cost a posting fee, some who won't.

For now, nothing but random rumors and speculation, some from people who know what they're talking about, some from people who should know what they're talking about, and some from people who just plain don't know anything. Which is which in today's links? I leave that to you to determine.

Around the blogO'sphere

School of Roch: Adam Jones wins Marvin Miller Man of the Year award (with quote)
Here is a verifiable fact: all-around good dude Adam Jones won a league-wide award for being an all-around good dude. It's not every baseball player who's out there opening up a technology center for inner city youth.

Orioles could get surplus of draft picks in qualifying offer process - Baltimore Sun
Expect to hear a lot of this angle over the course of the free agency process. It's a justification for the Orioles to sign a couple of guys, or, if they miss out on anyone with a QO attached, will probably be deployed as an attempt at a consolation prize for fans who don't want to hear any of it.

Steve Melewski: A look at players the Orioles may protect from the Rule 5 draft
If for some reason you found yourself needing a complete list of players who are soon to be eligible for the Rule 5 draft next month, Steve Melewski has you covered. But I'll save you a click and tell you that Christopher "I'm Not Saruman" Lee is the only one who looks like he'll get any consideration.

MLB hot stove: Examining if Mets should sign Baltimore Orioles' Darren O'Day |
In which the Mets, whose hot trash of a bullpen was part of why they did not win the World Series, must debate whether to sign Darren O'Day to aid their bullpen. I've said it before, the Mets owners are the kinds of people that Peter Angelos bashers think that he is.

Inside Baseball: Top 50 free agents, ranked by dollars and projections -
Assumed Scott Boras mouthpiece Jon Heyman opens up with a full article on his free agent contract predictions, many of which have dribbled out onto Twitter over the last few days, including a prediction for Chris Davis of seven years, $182 million - a price at which I must admit that I, a proponent of retaining Davis, would balk.

Elsewhere in the realm of baseball, we have this about a former Oriole:

Yankees rumors: Brian Cashman open to trading Andrew Miller - Pinstripe Alley
The knee jerk reaction here is, "Then why did you sign him in the first place?" But the money quote from Yankees GM Brian Cashman is, "If the Dutch never asked the Indians for Manhattan, you'd be living in New Jersey." So probably no one in the Yankee universe or elsewhere should panic.

Birthdays and anniversaries

There is not even one single Oriole, current or former, who has ever had this day as a birthday.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! While you may not share this birthday with any former O's, you do share it with Protestant Prime Martin Luther (1483), Russian General Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47 (1919), composer Ennio Morricone (1928), LSU football coach and certified madman Les Miles (1953), long-time ESPNer Linda Cohn (1959), nerd favorite author Neil Gaiman (1960), funny man Tracy Morgan (1968), the late actress Brittany Murphy (1977), country artist Miranda Lambert (1983), and Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka (1999).

So you haven't got any former O's, but that's not a bad set of birthday buddies.

On this day in history...

In 1619, philosopher Rene Descartes has a dream which, many years later, is said to have inspired his Meditations on First Philosophy.

In 1775, the United States Marine Corps was founded in a Philadelphia tavern. If you know any Marines, tell them happy birthday! If you, yourself, are a Marine, please let me add the USMC to the list of birthdays as I wish you a happy birthday.

In 1871, explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley located a fellow explorer, missing for four years, on the continent of Africa, giving the world this phrase: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

In 1958, the Hope Diamond was given to the Smithsonian Institution by a man whose profession listed on Wikipedia is "diamond merchant", Harry Winston. I can only assume he was absurdly rich.

In 1983, Bill Gates introduced the very first version of Windows. No word on how many service patches it later required.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on November 10 - or at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Tuesday.