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Saturday Bird Droppings

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The Winter Meetings are over and now Dan Duquette has to pretend to enjoy interacting with people today at FanFest.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Camden Chatters. How are you fine this Saturday morning? Are you getting ready to head to FanFest? Say hi to LJ Hoes for me!

When I did my Google News search to find you clippings, there was one result from the Baltimore Sun titled, "Can Chris Davis not live on $150M?" I clicked it with my eyes ready to roll, but I got the old "This page cannot be found." Whatever that used to be, maybe smarter heads prevailed in the wake of that horrible Dan Rodricks column.

Revisiting Baltimore Orioles' to-do list: Chris Davis question remains | ESPN
Duquett got his Rule 5 man and his relief pitcher, but still needs an outfielder, starting pitcher, and a Chris Davis.

MASN asks appeals court to send TV rights dispute with Nationals to an outside forum | Washington Post
The Nats want to go back to that same prejudiced MLB panel, and the Orioles/MASN want a new, neutral, independent panel.

MLB OK with Orioles' safety netting at Camden Yards, Ed Smith Stadium - Baltimore Sun
You may have heard that MLB is recommeding that stadium extend their safety netting in the lower level. After reviewing the netting at Camden Yards they don't see the need for the Orioles to make any changes.

Should Darren O'Day Become The Orioles' Closer? | Camden Depot
Camden Depot wonders if Darren O'Day should replace Zach Britton as closer. If you have both of them, it doesn't seem necessary to me at all.

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Vintage Fridays: Earl Williams, 1973 Topps #504
It's been awhile since we checked in with Orioles Card O The Day, so enjoy this Earl Williams card.

A Visit to the Baseball Winter Meetings | Roar From 34
The Winter Meetings happened to take place where Matt Taylor lives, so he spend some time there. Check out his experience here.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! It's my pleasure to tell you that your one and only Orioles birthday buddy is Mr. Garrett Atkins.

On this day in 1993 the Orioles signed Rafael Palmeiro for the first time. In 1997 they signed Joe Carter, and I had totally forgotten that he was ever an Oriole. And in 2007 they traded Miguel Tejada to the Astros for Luke Scott, Troy Patton, Matt Albers, Dennis Sarfate, and Michael Costanzo.