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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where O'Day, Markakis, and top Orioles prospects are on the brain

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Darren O'Day is officially back in the fold with the Orioles. Chris Davis is not, but Korean outfielder Hyun-soo Kim may soon join Birdland. Plus a whole lot of O's prospect discussion in your Tuesday Bird Droppings.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 109 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2016. That is one more than the number of Stars of Destiny from the classic Chinese novel, Shui Hu Zhuan - which means, well, absolutely nothing at all.

One thing that has nothing to do with how many days are left until Opening Day is that the Orioles finally, officially, signed Darren O'Day last night. There will be a press conference at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Maybe they'll actually air it on MASN or something, but either way I'll bring you the highlights, however I have to collect them. Will any of O'Day, Buck Showalter, or Dan Duquette say something interesting? Probably not! But it's something to talk about.

Although the O'Day thing is only now official, you probably logged that one as done in your mind a few days ago, so it's not actually "news." Maybe you're more interested in hearing about Chris Davis, although there's nothing to report there either. Perhaps today will be the day. Probably not, though. This is Scott Boras we're talking about.

You might be interested also in the Orioles' rumored interest in Korean outfielder Hyun-soo Kim. The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly speculated last night that the O's may be the front runners for Kim. That's something!

Now let's move on to the links.

Around the blogO'sphere

Baltimore Orioles Top 10 Prospects -
The Baseball America Top 10 Orioles Prospects list, written by familiar name Steve Melewski.

Baltimore Orioles Top 10 Prospects Chat -
Steve Melewski chats about the Baseball America Top 10 Orioles Prospects list that was written by Steve Melewski.

Steve Melewski: Dylan Bundy, Hunter Harvey top Baseball America O's top 10 prospects list (MASN)
Here, on MASN, Steve Melewski writes about the Baseball America Top 10 Orioles Prospects list that was written by Steve Melewski. And now I'm done with talking about him for the rest of this post.

Chris Davis is bad bet to deliver value on $100 million-plus deal - MLB -
Sports Illustrated's Cliff Corcoran is not a fan of the Orioles or anyone else giving Chris Davis seven years. He thinks something like 5/105 sounds like a better idea. If every team feels the same way, the Orioles should end up signing Davis, although maybe that is a horrible idea after all. Free agency sucks.

Buck Showalter does not watch Star Wars, is not familiar with Yoda |
From FanFest on Saturday, it turns out that Buck is not a very knowledgeable person about Star Wars - but I bet even he knows that you spell Wookiee with two 'e's, unlike this writer rube. OK, Buck probably doesn't know that. But I know it. Seriously, if you ever want to hit me like nails on a chalkboard, spell it "Wookie." Two 'e's. Glad we cleared that up.

Nick Cafardo | Sunday Baseball Notes: Red Sox have rest of division’s attention - The Boston Globe
Professional preposterous rumor peddler Nick Cafardo inhabited his traditional space in the Sunday Boston Globe to do his thing, including peddling the preposterous rumor that either the Orioles or the Royals might trade for Nick Markakis. That's good work if you can get it.

Birthdays and anniversaries

On this day in 2003, the Orioles picked Jose Bautista from the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Rule 5 draft. Yes, that Jose Bautista. In 2004 alone, Bautista went from the Orioles to the Rays to the Royals to the Mets to the Pirates again. Also involved in that last trade were future Orioles Ty Wigginton and Kris Benson. It would be 2010 before Bautista broke out.

Also on this day, in 1990, my personal baseball nemesis Ron Kittle, who spent the last two months of that season with the Orioles, was granted free agency. Good riddance.

There are a couple of former Orioles with birthdays today. One is former Double-A Triple Crown winner Lou Montanez, who, as was once said on Camden Chat, can hit. Deal with it. The other is Rick Helling, who had a 5.71 ERA for the O's in 2003.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Along with those former Orioles, your birthday buddies include: Roman emperor and rumored fiddler Nero (37), architect Gustave Eiffel, who co-designed the tower that bears his name (1832), Esperanto creator L.L. Zamenhof (1859), poet/activist Muriel Rukeyser (1913), second-most famous chain-smoking manager Jim Leyland (1944), The O.C. actor Adam Brody (1979), and Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery (1981).

On this day in history...

In 1161, following a defeat at the Battle of Caishi, top military officers of Chinese Emperor Hailing of the Jin Dynasty decided to assassinate their liege. The misfortune was doubly on Hailing, as he'd been removed as emperor two months previously in a coup of which he was unaware since he was out campaigning.

In 1791, after being ratified by the Virginia General Assembly, the Bill of Rights became law.

In 1933, the 21st Amendment, which you may recall repealed the 18th Amendment and ended prohibition, officially became law. So raise a glass tonight, if you want to.

In 1945, General Douglas MacArthur ordered that Shinto be abolished as the state religion of Japan. Sounds harsh, but the Allies felt that the Imperial Japanese brand of Shinto was a contributing factor to their aggression

In 1973, John Paul Getty III, grandson of oil billionaire J. Paul Getty, was found alive in Naples, Italy. He had been kidnapped on July 10. This happy finding occurred on the elder Getty's 81st birthday.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 15 - at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Tuesday.