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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Darren O'Day is officially back, so it's time to make some more moves. I need them!

Good morning Camden Chatters. It's hump day! If, like me, your workplace has slowed down some due to the time of year, feel free to jump into the comments and make an impact. I almost said cause a ruckus, but I thought some of you might take that challenge seriously.

Revisiting Charlie Blackmon as an Orioles Trade Target | Baseball Essential
This article takes a look at trading for Charlie Blackmon. Could it be a good deal? Would it be worth giving anything up? Well, the author doesn't address trade return, so that's up to you.

Back with Orioles, Darren O'Day ready to recruit Chris Davis and others | Baltimore Sun
Dan Connolly's days at The Sun are coming to an end, but he keeps putting out good work. He's chock full of O'Day quotes in this one, each likely to make you love O'Day even more. But my favorite part of the article is that shown in the picture are table tents for Showalter, O'Day, and Duquette. Is there any chance that someone in the room wouldn't know who those guys are?

Details On Jonathan Papelbon's Current No-Trade List | MLB Trade Rumors
The Orioles are on Jonathan Papelbon's no-trade list. That works out, because Papelbon is also on the Orioles' no-trade list.

Baltimore Orioles Have Reportedly Shown Interest in Free Agent Denard Span | Orioles 101
An ESPN source reported yesterday that the Orioles have shown interest in Denard Span. I know that would make a few Camden Chatters happy.

Gausman expected to start season in O's rotation | Cecil Daily

Updating The 2016 Orioles | Camden Depot
You love projections! You love them.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have a couple of fan favorites as your birthday buddies. Billy Ripken turns 51 today and the late Mike Flanagan would have been 64. In honor of Flanny, give one of your co-workers a funny nickname today. Oh, and it's also the 33rd birthday of Chris Britton, who pitched in 52 games for the 2006 Baltimore Orioles.

This day in 2003 was an exciting one for Orioles fans, as the O's signed Miguel Tejada to a six-year, $72 million contract. It was at the time the largest deal in team history. Sadly this day in 2009 wasn't quite as good for us, because the Orioles signed both Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez.