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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where a new Oriole arrives and the non-tender deadline looms

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The Orioles have a new outfielder, unless it turns out he's going to play first base, or DH, and one writer observes that David Price's contract means Wei-Yin Chen is gone. Well, duh?

It's Paul Janish, who may get non-tendered today.
It's Paul Janish, who may get non-tendered today.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 122 days until Orioles Opening Day 2016.

So, Mark Trumbo, huh? Are you excited? I keep trying to talk myself into the acquisition, and in fact will have an article on this site just a little bit later today in which I try to do so, but the two real exciting things about him are that this means there's now a Team Mark on the Orioles, because why should the Steves get all the glory in Baltimore, and that his last name sounds like "trombone," the greatest of instruments, or at least the one I started playing in fifth grade.

In a world where the top free agent pitchers are getting $30+ million per season, you can forget about ever getting one of the David Price types of this world. That means the Orioles have to scrounge around for bargains where they can. Trumbo at $9 million per year doesn't sound like a bargain, but if he hits 30 home runs next year, he will probably end up at least earning his keep, even if he is not down with OBP.

So that's where we're at. Oh yeah, and the non-tender deadline looms tonight! Lots of fun awaits. Let's get to the links.

Around the blogO'sphere

Steve Melewski: A quick take on Mark Trumbo
Melewski offers a take that includes the suggestion that, if it ends up that Trumbo replaces Chris Davis, the Orioles "saved salary." That is some fuzzy math.

School of Roch: More on the pitching market and Mark Trumbo
The other half of the MASN duo chimes in with some thoughts, including that the Orioles need to re-sign Darren O'Day and add one of the second-tier starting pitchers. It's cute he can still write that sentence in the aftermath of this Trumbo business.

Orioles' Wei-Yin Chen even more likely to leave after Jordan Zimmerman's contract - Baltimore Sun
The phrase that comes to mind after reading this involves informing a famous detective of a lack of bodily waste in the vicinity. Seriously, can you get more likely to leave than 100%?

Just Say NO to Hanley Ramirez (Baseball Essential)
I would tend to think we can all agree on this.

Birthdays and anniversaries

On this day in 1971, the Orioles traded Frank Robinson to the Dodgers. Robinson was 36 at the time of the trade, so you might think it was time to move on - but actually he had a 142 OPS+ over the next three seasons. So maybe not the greatest of moves. But he's in the Hall of Fame as an Oriole, so I guess in the end it worked out.

Of all of the players to ever play for the O's, not a single one was ever born on this day, December 2.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You don't have any Oriole birthday buddies, but you do have these: Charles Edward Ringling (1863), of circus fame, "I am in control here" Alexander Haig (1924), soon-retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (1939), Gianni Versace (1946), yes, that Versace, actress Lucy Liu (1968), tennis great Monica Seles (1973), Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme (1978), singer Britney Spears (1981), and footballer Aaron Rodgers (1983).

On this day in history...

In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

In 1823, in the State of the Union address (yes, in December), President James Monroe proclaimed what we now call the Monroe Doctrine, which essentially said to European powers of the day: Stay the hell out of our hemisphere.

In 1845, also in a State of the Union address, President James K. Polk proclaimed that the United States should expand aggressively into the Western part of the continent, which you may remember from history class as Manifest Destiny.

In 1852, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, the nephew of the first one, became Emperor of the French after overthrowing the French Republic a year previously. Enough with these guys already.

In 1956, a ship with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and others landed on Cuba, marking the beginning of the Cuban Revolution.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 2 - at least, until something happens later. Have a safe Wednesday.