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Thursday Bird Droppings: Pouring one out for having Baltimore-born Orioles

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The non-tender deadline has come and gone, and with it, a flurry of activity from the Orioles, including the departure of some glorious abs and the end of having any Baltimore-born Orioles players.

The Abmaster General was not tendered a contract.
The Abmaster General was not tendered a contract.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 121 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2016. That is eleven times eleven days, a fact that has no significance whatsoever. It's just another day closer to what we all want to have back in our lives.

A whole lot happened yesterday, and yet, at the same time, not much happened at all. We already knew from Tuesday night that Mark Trumbo would be joining the O's; it only became official yesterday. And the Orioles basically tendered everyone you would have expected them to tender, and only non-tendered players you knew there was little chance they were coming back.

Heck, Paul Janish and Steve Johnson managed to get both designated for assignment AND non-tendered in the same day. How does that even work? I guess you still have to decide whether to tender a player who is in DFA limbo. Tough day at the office, though. Also, David Lough was non-tendered, representing an unmitigated disaster for the kale-loving contingent on the team, but probably a victory for fans who would like to see a fourth outfielder who can hit in an O's uniform.

With Johnson being set free and Steve Clevenger being traded for Trumbo, that does spell the end of the Baltimore-born Orioles contingent, at least for now. Local kid L.J. Hoes is still on the fringe of the 40-man after being re-acquired, though he's only from DC, not Baltimore or even Maryland. So it's not quite the same. How long do you think it'll be before we see another Baltimore-area Orioles player?

That question asked, let us now rally under the traditional banner of our people.

Around the blogO'sphere

Mark Trumbo gives Baltimore Orioles flexibility and power - Baltimore Orioles- ESPN
One fact that may cause you to have some excitement for Trumbo is that, since 2011, he has hit the 14th-most home runs in all of MLB. I guess that counts for something.

Mariners add Riefenhauser to deal that sends Trumbo to Orioles for Clevenger | The News Tribune
Some thoughts from a Seattle writer about the second player the Orioles received in the Trumbo trade. Also includes the thought that Trumbo became expendable because new GM Jerry Dipoto wants the club to focus on "speed, athleticism, and defense." And the Orioles traded for someone who does not do any of that.

School of Roch: Orioles non-tender Lough and settle with Reimold
Quietly, the Orioles settled a couple of their arbitration cases, with Vance Worley getting $2.6 million and Nolan Reimold getting $1.2 million for next season. You know who's looking forward to another potential year of Reimold? Yeah, OK, it's me.

Steve Melewski: All in the family: O's have Showalter, Duquette's sons on scouting staff
Some time when I was in high school, we had to watch some little movie about President Andrew Jackson and his desire to kill a centralized bank. I bring this up because I remember exactly one part of the movie, where someone accuses Jackson of nepotism. He replies, "There has yet to be a job invented that a Democrat can't do."

A thought process which seems to apply to Showalter and Duquette progeny and baseball scouting.

Orioles FanFest autograph vouchers on sale Saturday at |
As someone who's been to his share of conventions, I am deeply familiar with "LineCon" - the convention within a convention that's basically about standing around in lines. FanFest autograph voucher seekers are also familiar with LineCon. At least the proceeds go to charity. This year's FanFest is on December 12, by the way. That's weird. Will the Orioles even sign anyone by then?

Birthdays and anniversaries

There were no Orioles birthdays yesterday, but we break the 0-for today. This is the birthday of Clay Dalrymple (73 games, 1969-71) and the late Chico Salmon (174 games, 1969-72).

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Along with those former Orioles, your birthday buddies include: King Charles VI the Beloved/Mad of France (1368), Civil War General George McClellan, the general who wouldn't fight (1826); businessman Charles Alfred Pillsbury (1842), founder of the company bearing his name; Heart of Darkness author Joseph Conrad (1857), Crazy Train conductor Ozzy Osbourne (1948), Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore (1960), nerdcore progenitor MC Frontalot (1973), and Mean Girls actress Amanda Seyfried (1985).

On this day in history...

In 1800, a French army defeated Austrian Archduke John at the Battle of Hohenlinden, a decisive defeat that proved to spell the beginning of the end of the War of the Second Coalition - and the Second Coalition lost.

In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt gave a State of the Union address in which he asked Congress to curb the power of trusts.

In 1973, the Pioneer 10 spacecraft sent back to Earth the first close-up photos of Jupiter.

In 1994, the Sony PlayStation was released in Japan.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 3 - at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Thursday.