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New Years Eve Bird Droppings: The last Orioles tidbits of the year

As 2015 winds to its close, we bring you a last round of Orioles tidbits... OK, there's really not much going on here. What was your favorite thing this year? What are you looking forward to next year?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 93 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2016. More importantly, this is the last day of 2015, which means that at this time tomorrow, we will once again find ourselves in a calendar year that still has baseball to come. It's been two months now since that has been the case.

So that's kind of exciting, right? Well, it's exciting if you find yourself looking forward to the 2016 season. Who am I kidding? Even I, pessimist that I am known to be, look forward to each and every season, no matter what the Orioles do or don't do. I'll probably look forward to it more if the Orioles make a major signing of some kind, or even two... but a new baseball season is always worth being excited.

What was your favorite Orioles moment of 2015? What are you most looking forward to about next year, in baseball or in life in general? Drop in below and tell us about it. We even welcomed a guy named Fart_Shoes recently, so don't be shy.

Around the blogO'sphere

School of Roch: Notes on Cespedes, Kim, Davis and ballparks
On this site the other day was an article based on a report that proclaimed the Orioles are "emerging as leaders" on Yoenis Cespedes. Over on MASN, Roch Kubatko checked in with a team source who seems to disagree with that.

Orioles prospect Christian Walker working hard for extended look - Baltimore Sun
If you've been reading the Bird Droppings links all week (which I know no one does), you may have noticed this is the third day in a row where an article is being written about stuff Christian Walker said at FanFest three weeks ago. It's hard out there.

Orioles Sign Hyun-soo Kim - MLB Trade Rumors
You already know the Orioles signed Hyun Soo Kim, but did you know that the Orioles will not be able to option him to the minor leagues? Kim wants to make it in Baltimore or go back to Korea.

Why does nobody want Yoenis Cespedes? - Beyond the Box Score
Beyond the Box Score is the sabermetric-oriented SB Nation blog, and they want to know why nobody is breaking down the door to sign Cespedes. I'm curious about this as well.

This last one has nothing to do with the Orioles, but everything to do with a guy the Orioles had been reportedly interested in signing...

Scott Kazmir contract includes opt-out clause, deferred money - True Blue LA
Our companions over at the Dodgers blog break down the Kazmir contract, including an opt-out clause after only one year. No surprise the Orioles didn't sign him at that price and with those terms.

Birthdays and anniversaries

On this day in 2010, the Orioles signed Derrek Lee to a one-year contract. I hated this signing. This was not the worst Orioles-related event on this day in 2010, as this was also the day that Alfredo Simon was involved in the shooting death of his cousin.

Former Orioles with birthdays today are Donell Nixon (eight games in 1990), as well as the late Ken Rowe (12 games from 1964-65) and Ted Gray (nine games in 1955).

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday *and* Happy New Year! Along with those former Orioles, your birthday buddies today are General George Marshall (1880), actor Anthony Hopkins (1937), singer-songwriter and Thank God I'm A Country Boy creator John Denver (1943), Hugo Award-winning author Connie Willis (1945), Gangnam Style rapper Psy (1977), and gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas (1995). There are some other interesting ones, if you're curious.

On this day in history...

In 406, the Vandals, Alans, and Suebians crossed the Rhine river to begin an invasion of Gaul.

In 1600, the British East India Company was chartered.

In 1796, the City of Baltimore was incorporated. Aw, happy birthday, Baltimore! Although Baltimore wasn't an independent city until 1851, so go figure.

In 1862, President Lincoln signed an act that admitted West Virginia into the Union, recognizing that it had split off from Virginia.

In 1983, the United States government broke up the AT&T Bell system. I think it's mostly un-broken now.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on December 31 - at least, unless something happens later, which it probably won't, because it's New Years Eve. Have a safe Thursday, and remember the words of Gary Thorne: DRINK! ... ... ... responsibly.