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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Maybe today will be the day the Orioles sign Chris Davis?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Camden Chatters. There are rumors out there that the Orioles are interested in a number of players, some of whom could possibly replace Chris Davis if the slugger doesn't return to Charm City. And by replace of course I just mean on the roster. Whoever it may end up being most likely won't replace him in our hearts, or in the stats. I'm still holding out hope on Davis, although Duquette is hoping to keep himself from looking desperate by telling the world that they won't wait forever for him.

For a day when so much is going on, I was able to find surprisingly little in the way of interesting Orioles content for you. I guess that happens sometimes. But please enjoy these links that I have prepared:

More on Manny Machado's availability for Orioles FanFest | Baltimore Sun
If you were looking forward to seeing Manny Machado at FanFest, you might be disappointed.

School of Roch: More on Orioles' offer to Chris Davis
In typical Roch Kubatko fashion, he talks first about his meals at the winter meetings before actually telling us anything of interest. But the thing of interest is, if you haven't already heard, that the Orioles offered Chris Davis $150M. But that doesn't mean they're anywhere close to coming to an agreement.

Orioles may be close to trading for a pitcher |
The Orioles obviously aren't going to be able to pony up for a free agent starting pitcher, so maybe they can trade for one. The problem, of course, is that the Orioles don't really seem to have much to trade with. Duquette is asked about the poor rotation last year and he replies, "What if they pitch better, right?"

Finding A Cheap, Complementary Left-Handed Bat | Camden Depot
As Mark wrote about earlier this week, the Orioles are in need of a left-handed bat. Jon Shepherd explores someo f the possibilities.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four Orioles birthday buddies. They are Tony Batista (42) who is best known for having possibly the worst season at third base in Orioles history; Tony Tarasco (45), who is remembered most for a catch he didn't make; Billy Klauss (1928-2006), who played in 150 games for the Orioles from 1959-60); and Darold Knowles (74), who had a 16-year career that kicked off with five games with the Orioles in 1965.

This is a big day in Orioles history, as it was on this day in 1965 that the Orioles traded for Frank Robinson. In slightly less big news, on this day in 1994 they signed Matt Nokes.