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Saturday Bird Droppings: If the Orioles are too loud, you're too old

What do you do in camp the day after someone calls the cops on you? The Orioles are going to find out on Saturday.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 37 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day. The last Oriole to wear the number 37 was Kevin Gausman, before he switched to number 39. I also used to live in a house numbered 37, so it's a big day, obviously.

Maybe the Orioles can at least make it through camp and practice today without having anyone call the cops on them. That happened yesterday, as you may have read on here and as you can read again below. There is apparently a noise ordinance. Do you think the Angelos family will destroy it?

Some links from around Birdland to get you going on your Saturday...

Orioles’ Matt Wieters, healthy again, returns to catcher after playing advisory role - The Washington Post
You know things are getting serious for the O's when The Washington Post is actually bothering to write articles about them. They are the bandwagon newspaper.

Orioles Augment Drills With Fake Crowd Noise; Neighbors Call The Cops (Deadspin)
I'm linking this post in today's Bird Droppings chiefly because I am proud that Camden Chat was linked on Deadspin. I conferred with my predecessor Stacey and we are pretty sure this is the first time that has happened, although we also agree that Jeopardy was cooler.

The Orioles middle infield situation in a nutshell - Baltimore Sun
If you are trying to make sense of the Orioles' middle infield competition, here's the non-bandwagon newspaper that covers the Orioles, the Baltimore Sun, to help you out.

School of Roch: Wrapping up the eighth day of camp
The rundown of Friday's events, as told to us all by MASN's Roch Kubatko.

We check in on one of the several high schools around the country with an Orioles mascot:

Orioles win physical battle over Augusta
The Stanley-Boyd girls basketball team of Stanley, Wisconsin knocked off Augusta, 79-58, in their Division 4 regional semifinal, led by Jamie Reit's 33 points. There were 51 fouls in the game. Next up is top-seeded Fall Creek, tonight. Go all Orioles, everywhere.

The only former Orioles with birthdays today are a couple of short-timers: Mike Milchin, who appeared in 13 games in 1996, and Dallas Williams, who played two games in 1981.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on February 28 - at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Saturday.