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Thursday Bird Droppings: Where you might sign James Shields too

James Shields is out there and someone is going to end up signing him, but it probably won't be, and shouldn't be, the Orioles. Plus Manny Machado in good shape, a look in on a high school Orioles team, and more Thursday Birdland links.

I searched for one of Shields in a Rays uniform because screw the Royals.
I searched for one of Shields in a Rays uniform because screw the Royals.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 60 days until Orioles Opening Day. There's also like two weeks until spring training or whatever, which is an exciting prospect for some.

You know what's happening with the Orioles lately, which is basically nothing. They've been settling their salary stuff slowly but surely, which is important, if not very glamorous. Maybe Alejandro De Aza's will come today. You never know.

Here are some links from around Birdland to go with your Thursday morning coffee...

Commissioner Rob Manfred predicts resolution in Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals TV dispute - ESPN
The new commissioner made some vague statement about a "reasonably soon" resolution to the MASN dispute. What does that even mean, dude? Get out of here.

The Orioles Will Look To Bolster The Bullpen Rather Than Sign James Shields " CBS Baltimore
You know who's probably not coming to Baltimore? James Shields. I am okay with this. The Orioles are doing pretty okay in the starting pitching department at this moment, you might have noticed. Don't be picky, draft pick free agents, or you will be unsigned as spring training approaches.

Mike Bordick: Orioles' Manny Machado 'In Great Shape, Physically And Mentally'
Stan the Fan Charles talked to Mike Bordick about Manny Machado's health. Is that a good source about Machado's health? I don't know. Here's hoping he's right about Machado being in great shape.

Roundup: Orioles improve to 14-0 on season | Ledger Transcript
The Orioles of North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin are not the only Orioles out there. We also have the Conant (New Hampshire) Orioles, whose girls basketball team have improved to 14-0. Good for them!

From the department of funny names:

Pirates trade for Arquimedes Caminero - Bucs Dugout
Our counterparts at the Pirates blog react to a trade for a guy with a really awesome name. Arquimedes? I'll have to keep that one in my back pocket for future progeny. Arquimedes Brown has a nice ring to it.

Today is the birthday of current Oriole Ryan Webb, who turns 29. It's also the 30th birthday of Eric O'Flaherty, who had a key role in the birth of Birdland as Camden Chat knows it. There are two former Orioles with birthdays as well: Chris Brock, who toiled in the 2002 team's bullpen, and Roberto Alomar, who isn't one of the 40 greatest Orioles of all time, no matter what Paul Folkemer says.

On this day in 1992, the O's signed a pair of Marks: McLemore and Parent. I always liked Mark McLemore, chiefly because his name is Mark. I don't remember Mark Parent at all.

And that's the way it is in Birdland on February 5 - or at least, unless something happens later, which, if you've been paying attention this offseason, you already know that it won't. Have a safe Thursday.