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Thursday Bird Droppings

Links for your day.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

When I woke up this morning, but before I opened my eyes, I was thinking about what I need to do today. I realized that it's Thursday, and thought, "Bird Droppings!" as I had so many Thursdays in the past, but then I remembered I don't do that anymore. Well, either we have been transported back to the past or my thought this morning was predicting the future, because here I am in emergency fill in duty.

Kevin Gausman could replace Bud Norris in the rotation | Innings Eater
What do you think?

Bud Norris' struggles more than just poor number | Orioles 101
Bud needs to get it together, is what they're saying.

Ubaldo allows first runs of '15 in loss |
Get your Ubaldo quotes here

Potential upcoming roster moves | Baltimore Sports and Life
BSL looks at possible changes based on the O's performance to date