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Thursday Bird Droppings: In search of the elusive long Orioles winning streak

Draft picks reacting to being picked abound in our Thursday Orioles roundup. You would be pretty excited too if you got drafted. Also, the Orioles have won three in a row. Woo!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

It's finally happened. The Orioles are in the middle of a three-game winning streak. If they should happen to win another one, that is what is known as a four-game winning streak. It has not happened yet to them this season. I am told that it's possible. Maybe we'll see that later tonight.

For now, it's time to decompress from the draft with a whole host of articles about the local kid who made good and got drafted. The cold reality is that most every draft pick will never make it to the big leagues, but just getting drafted has got to be pretty cool. You're good enough that a pro team wants you, and for people especially in non-powerhouse baseball places that has to be even cooler.

There are many stories like it, 1,215 in this draft, in fact. Each one is one person's dream. Prepare yourself for draft pick reaction article overload to get you going through your Thursday.

Reid Love Selected In 10th Round By Baltimore Orioles - ECU Pirates Official Athletic Site
Love, a senior from East Carolina, was one of the Orioles' day 2 picks. A former ECU player has already appeared for the Orioles this year: Mike Wright was drafted out of there as well. Love, a senior sign, doesn't have much else in common with Wright.

STA's McKenna drafted by Orioles - Sports - - Dover, NH
New Hampshire doesn't come up very often when talking about baseball players, but the Orioles are hoping that their fourth round pick, Ryan McKenna, can become a reason to bring up New Hampshire baseball.

MLB Draft: Adam Walton Selected by the Baltimore Orioles (Writing Illini)
Another of the players the Orioles drafted came from the University of Illinois.

Wright State’s Elliott drafted by Orioles | WDTN
There really are an endless stream of these articles. Andrew Elliot was the Orioles' 30th round pick. He is another senior.

2015 MLB Draft results: Arizona LHP Xavier Borde selected by Baltimore Orioles in 36th round - Arizona Desert Swarm
SB Nation's University of Arizona blog has a little write-up on a reliever the O's selected in the 36th round of the draft. The O's have been without a Xavier for a little while. Maybe now that will change.

Orioles open third day of draft with emphasis on college talent - Baltimore Sun
From yesterday, the Sun noted that the Orioles would be looking to college players in the third day of the draft. As you can see from the above sort of articles, they went out and found themselves some college players. Somebody has got to play for Aberdeen other than the prospects on the big league track.

MLB Draft 2015: Seamus Curran will sign professional contract with Baltimore Orioles -
Here's another one, and it's a piece of good news. Not only did the Orioles draft Curran, but an article lets us know that he's going to sign! Curran, a high school pick from the 8th round, is probably going to get a little bit of an overslot bonus. He mashes taters.


There is not even a single former Oriole with a birthday today. There have been 997 Orioles. Not a one of them was born on June 11. Among their 41 draft picks this year, the O's did grab a player with a June 11 birthday: catcher Jerry McClanahan, the 19th rounder from UC-Irvine, turns 23 today. Maybe he'll be the first June 11 Oriole? Look, probably not, alright.

When you're a 19th round pick and a fifth-year senior it probably means MLB isn't in your future. But, and this is what is really cool about the draft, you never know who might show up in your system and show you something you didn't expect to see.

If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You share this day with a few interesting people who've already come and gone from the mortal coil: Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota, was born on this day in 1894. Football coaching legend Vince Lombardi was born in 1913, and author William Styron was born in 1925.

Among the living, you've got actor Gene Wilder (1933), ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard (1949), actor Peter Dinklage (1969), basketball player Diana Taurasi (1982), and, sorry for this last one, actor Shia LeBeouf (1986).

And that's the way it is in Birdland on June 11 - or at least, until something happens later. Have a safe Thursday.