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Monday Bird Droppings

The O's saw their win streak end yesterday, but they still got the series and are back to .500. It's too bad the other A.L. East teams are also playing so well right now (not you, Boston).

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's a gloomy Monday in Birdland, but the Orioles have won eight of their last ten and are now starting a run of four games against the terrible Philadelphia Phillies. They could easily start another win streak tonight!

Today is the anniversary of my marriage to the lovely Paul Folkemer, so to celebrate I clipped three of his stories from Press Box for you to read. He's a very good writer!

Mechanical Tweaks Helping Ubaldo Jimenez Bounce Back From Rough 2014 | Press Box Online
Paul Folkemer writes about Ubaldo Jimenez's bounce back season. He's had a rough past few starts, hopefully he'll nip that in the bud.

Orioles Right-hander Chaz Roe Quietly Providing Quality Relief | Press Box Online
Most of us hadn't even heard of Chaz Roe before this year. Suddenly he's a reliable arm in the bullpen.

The 15: Best MLB Debuts For Orioles Players | Press Box Online
A look at 15 of the most memorable Orioles major league debuts since the team arrived in Baltimore in 1954.

Phillies Rumors: Cole Hamels to Orioles? |
Oh, is it time for the silly rumors to start? I'd love for Cole Hamels to be an Oriole, but who exactly are they going to trade for him?

Miguel Gonzalez Is Still Cheating His FIP | Camden Depot
This is an interesting article, but a throwaway line at the end soured it for me: "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good." Maybe if he's been better than his FIP all this time, it's not luck?

Is Manny Machado taking his game to the next level? | Orioles Uncensored
Taking a look at Manny's improved numbers in 2015. He's good, y'all.

Mike Wright and Brian Matusz talk about the top of the fifth in loss to Yankees | MASN Sports
It was a rough fifth inning, partially because Brian Matusz participated.

There appear to be no current or former Orioles with a birthday today, but it is the birthday of Neil Patrick Harris and Courtney Cox, so that's something. On this date in Orioles history, in 1997 the Orioles completed a sweep of the Atlanta Braves in the first ever weekend of interleague play.