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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where Chris Tillman is a person of interest

In your Tuesday Orioles news and links, we've got a good bit about Chris Tillman, draft picks signing, a random assortment of birthdays, and some other fun stuff.

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Hello, friends.

The Orioles, thanks to activity in the division on their off day, now find themselves in fourth place among the AL East with a 36-33 record. They are 2.5 games behind the division-leading Rays, who lost to the Blue Jays on Monday. That Jays victory put them a half-game ahead of the O's. The Yankees also lost on Monday.

There was much digital ink spilled after Chris Tillman's disastrous start on Sunday. It was probably the biggest story of the off day, and it is indeed still a big story. What should the Orioles do with their struggling one-time #1 starter? Something is not right there, it's plain for anyone to see... well, almost anyone, as you will find below.

Here are some links from around Birdland to get you through your Tuesday...

Steve Melewski: Notes on DJ Stewart, GCL opener and more, plus a Chris Tillman take
The Melewskian line on Tillman is essentially that there's no need to worry, because Tillman is only bad against Toronto, and he's good against everyone else! Except Tillman's "everyone else" ERA is 3.92, which is not actually good in the year 2015.

Camden Depot: Why Chris Tillman Has Struggled in 2015: Part I
Over at the Depot, Matt Kremnitzer has a more reasonable opinion on a source for Tillman's struggles this season.

School of Roch: Jones drops and Machado moves up in All-Star voting (with note)
In the latest round of All-Star voting, the Royals tide was mitigated at least a tiny bit by some Tigers tides and Blue Jays tides. Does this constitute an improvement from the perspective of an Orioles fan? No, not even a little bit.

Jones slipping in All-Star Game balloting, Orioles sign three more draft picks - Baltimore Sun
As you can imagine, the beats were all scrambling to deliver All-Star updates on an off day where there was no other news - but there's also some stuff about the O's signing three more of their top 10 rounders, including...

MLB Draft 2015: Seamus Curran signs pro contract with Baltimore Orioles for $175,000 (Report) -
My new favorite Orioles prospect, 8th rounder Seamus Curran, is officially in the fold. This was not a surprising development, as he was always expected to sign. He got about $20,000 over slot.

State of the Baltimore Orioles (Camel Clutch Blog)
I don't have any idea whatsoever why a wrestling blog is writing about the Orioles at this particular moment in time, but hey, it was an off day yesterday, so let's roll with it.


One lone former Oriole has a birthday on this day: your favorite former NBA player who also used to be an Oriole, Mark Hendrickson, turns 41.

If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You share this day with some people from the pages of history, including Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga (1534), Edward VIII (1894), and Alfred Kinsey (1894), a man who Wikipedia simply describes as "sexologist." Among those still living, you've got Justice Clarence Thomas (1948), actress Francess McDormand (1957), nerd hero/punching bag Joss Whedon (1964), World Cup headbutt champion Zinedine Zidane (1972), and current Washington Capital Brooks Laich (1983).

On this day in history...

In 1757, some British troops defeated an Indian force that outnumbered them over 10:1 at the Battle of Plassey (which I only bring up because I once encountered a Dr. Plasse who told me this story)

In 1926, the College Board administered the first SAT exam

In 1961, the Antarctic Treaty came into force

And that's the way it is in Birdland on June 23 - or at least, until something happens later. Have a safe Tuesday.