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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Three out of four Orioles appeared in last night's All-Star Game. It was fun. And now the Orioles will have home field advantage in the World Series!

Happy Manny is fun.
Happy Manny is fun.
Elsa/Getty Images

Happy day after the All-Star Game, y'all. Sadly we still have to wait a few more days until real baseball starts up again, but last night we got to see Zach Britton strike out Bryce Harper and Manny make a few good plays in the field and hit a nice RBI double. That'll have to tide you over until Friday. Now let's just hope that when Friday does get here, the Orioles are up to playing better baseball than we saw before the break.

Orioles' Chris Davis not a likely trade candidate in July | Baltimore Sun
Dan Connolly spoke to a source who said that as long as the Orioles are within "spitting distance of the playoffs", Davis isn't doing anywhere. As it should be.

Chris Davis Must Be Dealt Before Deadline | RantSports
I only clipped this because it came up back-to-back with the Baltimore Sun clip above in the search results, and it made me laugh. The article itself is silly, saying that the Orioles should do "anything and everything" to trade Davis on account of their "notoriously cheap owner."

Mike Trout is 'the white Bo Jackson,' Baltimore Orioles' Adam Jones says |
Last night Adam Jones took in the all-around baseball skills and rock solid appearance of Mike Trout and paid him the compliment that he's the white Bo Jackson. This caused the Twitter nerds to have a freak out party because you apparently do not compare anyone to Bo Jackson. took the opportunity to post some Bo Jackson highlights, which are always fun. Jones also compared Chris Sale to a praying mantis, but I didn't see any outrage over that.

Orioles DFA left-handed reliever Wesley Wright | Baltimore Sun
In the midst of the All-Star Game last night, news came out that the Orioles DFA'd Wesley Wright. I don't know specifically what's going on (maybe he has looked just terrible in his rehab), but I think it could have been worth a shot to see what he could have done in Matusz's place.

How Zach Britton went from middling starter to dominant closer |
This is a really nice read on Zach Britton on not only how he changed his pitching to be a relief pitcher, but also how he changed his mindset.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! I'm sorry to tell you that you're not birthday buddies with any prominent Orioles. The lone ex-Oriole with a birthday today is James Baldwin, who appeared in 20 games in relief for the 2005 Orioles. Today is also the birthday of Scott Foley of Felicity and Scandal fame (#TeamJake), and David Silver himself, Brian Austin Green.

On this day in Orioles history, Brooks Robinson hit for the cycle in 1960 against the Chicago White Sox. He went 5-for-5 in the game, and had hits in his final three at-bats the day before to give him eight hits in eight straight at-bats. On this day in 1996, Cal Ripken moved to third base for Manny Alexander. It turned out that Alexander wasn't very good, so Cal moved back after just six games. And in the cursed season of 2005, Rafael Palmeiro collected his 3,000th hit.