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Thursday Bird Droppings: Where the enemies of Birdland are all vanquished

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There's no Orioles news in the middle of the postseason, but the last great Orioles foe - the Blue Jays - was defeated. In today's links, on the price of Mark Trumbo, the lack of steals, and some high school Orioles earn another crown.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

There are now 165 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day 2017. That's... a lot of days. We're not even all the way into the offseason yet. The World Series could play out as long as through November 2. More baseball is good. There will, however, be no more AL-only baseball, because the Indians knocked the Blue Jays out of the postseason.

Well, good riddance to them. I'm not sorry to see the end of the season for those whining whiners who managed to whined their whole way through five games, of which they lost four. And while not all of their fans threw beer cans onto the field, they still booed Adam Jones and Hyun Soo Kim for getting mad about it happening. As the people of South Park once sang: Blame Canada!

Which leaves us with little but National League baseball to talk about for a few days. Well, unless you want to talk about Andrew Miller winning the MVP of the ALCS. He earned it. Sadly for us, his journey to Cleveland netted the Yankees two top 100 prospects. Can't win them all.

There is some Orioles stuff to discuss today. Let's do it!

Around the blogO'sphere

Should Orioles try to steal more wins? - School of Roch
The article is not simply the word "No," although it should be. Forget stolen bases. Hit dongs!

Can the Orioles afford to keep Mark Trumbo? - Steve Melewski
This article, on the other hand, could simply be the word, "Yes." Which doesn't mean that it would be a good idea for the Orioles to keep Mark Trumbo. But what kind of question is it? Of course they can afford him, if they want to.

Zach Britton talks relief roles, Orioles' future, Wallace, Chiti and Cy Young Award -
The second part of a two-part interview that Dan Connolly did with Zach Britton. Part one was about the wild card game, so maybe part two won't hurt you as much.

Former Oriole Rich Hill steals NLCS spotlight in Dodgers' Game 3 win - Baltimore Sun
This one is about Tuesday's game, not Wednesday's game, but seriously, how in the world did the guy who stunk for half a season for the Orioles in 2009 go on to be a key trade deadline acquisition for a World Series contender seven years later?

Crystal Ball: Jonathan Schoop, 2B, Baltimore Orioles - Minor League Ball
Over at the minor league-focused SB Nation blog, John Sickels peers into the crystal ball to try to guess some of the future performance for Jonathan Schoop.

Quincy Lady Orioles- Back-to-Back Conference Champs - Sports - The Daily Reporter - Coldwater, MI
As you may know, it is the editorial position of this blog to celebrate the success of all Orioles teams, anywhere. Here, the cross country ladies of Quincy High School in Quincy, Michigan have won their conference title for the second straight year. Congratulations to them!

Birthdays and anniversaries

Of all the players to ever play for the Orioles, only one has a birthday today: Bobby Floyd, an infielder who played 47 combined games for the 1968-70 O's.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your birthday buddies for today include the following: English architect Sir Christopher Wren (1632), ragtime/jazz man Jelly Roll Morton (1890), baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle (1931), Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen (1958), and rapper Snoop Dogg (1971).

On this day in history...

In 1740, Maria Theresa ascended to the throne of Austria. Other European powers did not recognize this outcome, resulting in the War of the Austrian Succession - which ended with Maria Theresa still on the throne, and with her husband as the Holy Roman Emperor.

In 1803, the United States Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase. Thanks, Thomas Jefferson!

In 1944, in World War II, General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled a promise made years previously when he commanded the Allied assault on the Philippines to reclaim the islands.

In 1973, President Richard Nixon prompted the resignations of both Attorney General Elliott Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckleshaus. Nixon demanded that first Richardson and then Ruckleshaus fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was ultimately fired by then-Solicitor General and later failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on October 20 - at least, unless something happens later, which it probably won't, because what's going to happen to the Orioles towards the end of October? Have a safe Thursday.