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Friday Bird Droppings: Where we might finally get some news

Will today be the day the O's give up their picks and go all in on 2016?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Birdland. There are 52 days until Opening Day. The O's haven't made any official signings today, at least since I started writing this, but maybe today will be the day that Yovani Gallardo and/or Dexter Fowler end up in orange. Regardless of what you think of that hypothetical, at least we can all agree it would make the 2016 season a little more interesting. On to the links:

Dan Duquette addresses possible free agent additions Yovani Gallardo, Dexter Fowler - Carroll County Times
This is pretty much the only thing anyone is writing about, but at least this one has some quotes from Dan Duquette, instead of just the usual "should they give up their picks?" speculation.

Baltimore’s Dexter Fowler Opportunity | FanGraphs Baseball
Yet another article about Fowler, but this one takes an interesting look at the true value of these types of contracts when factoring in the monetary value of draft picks.

Camden Depot: Orioles Re-Sign Four 2015 Norfolk Tides
Hey, if Gallardo and Fowler don't work out, there's always Pedro Beato and Sharlon Schoop.

School of Roch: Wondering about the ripple effect created by Gallardo
Roch ponders the effects that a Gallardo signing would have on the status of other guys like T.J. McFarland and Vance Worley.

Today is the birthday of fairly recent former O's Chris Snyder and Adam Stern, as well as older guys Don Stanhouse, Pat Dobson, and Jerry Walker. It's also the birthday of actor Josh Brolin, terrible quarterback Robert Griffin III, and two far more important people: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.