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Thursday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are still zero for March

It's now March 10 and the Orioles still haven't won a game. Time to panic? Probably not, but today's links suggest Hyun Soo Kim is on notice. Also, Yovani Gallardo fits in, and a writer from elsewhere notices things are weird.

Hello, friends.

There are now 25 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day. The number is presently being worn by Hyun Soo Kim, and in the annals of Orioles history, was also worn by Rafael Palmeiro and Rich Dauer. Does that mean anything for today? Probably not.

The Pedro Alvarez saga has not yet concluded, although we know he at least is in Sarasota, so that's progress compared to the Dexter Fowler situation. Probably later today he will be officially signed, which means that someone will be receiving a one-way ticket to the great DFA in the sky. As the poets of Semisonic once said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Who's getting DFA'd? I don't know. Maybe Henry Urrutia, who is now third on the depth chart of DH-only guys on the O's 40-man roster. Not that I'll be happy to see it happen, but when you look at the numbers, he seems like the guy whose time will be running out.

This offseason being the way that it is, I also wouldn't be shocked if something ridiculous happens for Alvarez to fail his physical and set us back to square one after all. Stranger things have happened just in the last month.

There will be another chance for the Orioles to disappoint us by losing a meaningless game this afternoon. The Yankees come to Sarasota for a 1:05 game. This game will be televised on MASN.

Around the blogO'sphere

Hyun Soo Kim continues drought, could be testing Orioles' patience - Baltimore Sun
I wouldn't say that the bus has been backed over Kim, but the key is in the ignition. I am surprised to see this article pop up - but I'm also surprised Kim is completely hitless and walkless in spring training so far.

School of Roch: Gallardo: "I think the guys in this clubhouse, they've made it easy for me" (O's lose 8-4)
Remember, this was Gallardo's first time throwing pitches in any kind of game situation this year... so keep on telling yourself not to panic, for now.

Orioles Hurler Waiting For The Wright Time -
Why Baseball America needs to engage the services of Roch Kubatko to tell us about Mike Wright is a question for which I have no answer - but if you want to know what he says, you can read the above (subscription required).

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Writer Ron Cook On The Orioles Addition Of Pedro Alvarez " CBS Baltimore
A Pirates beat writer joined the morning show fellows on 105.7 FM to talk about the newest Oriole (pending physical).

The Orioles' strange spring will give way to a summer of ... what exactly? (Washington Post)
The Orioles recent happenings and non-happenings are weird enough, or Walgreens camp is slow enough, for the eye of the Washington Post to wander north, where those remaining loyal to the orange and black dwell.

Contrasting the Yankees and Orioles offseasons - Pinstripe Alley
Over on the Yankees blog, one writer takes a look at how the two teams approached the offseason differently. What do you think about his analysis?

Birthdays and anniversaries

Of all of the players to ever play for the O's, only two have a birthday today. They are Tike Redman (2007 Orioles) and Mike Timlin, one of the many failed free agent closer signings of the bad years.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Along with those former Orioles, you share this birthday with World War II paratrooper Frank Perconte (1917), whom you'll find often brushing his teeth in HBO's Band of Brothers; disgraced ex-FIFA head Sepp Blatter (1936), actor and meme subject Chuck Norris (1940), Mad Men actor Jon Hamm (1971), rapper Timbaland (1972), and actress Olivia Wilde (1984).

Uh, you also share the birthday with one assassin and one terrorist, but I'll let you look them up for yourself.

On this day in history...

In 1629, King Charles I of England decided to dissolve Parliament, kicking off eleven years of Personal Rule.

In 1804, a formal ceremony took place marking the American purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell placed the first telephone call, in which he stated: "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you."

In 1977, astronomers discovered rings around Uranus. lolololol URANUS


And that's the way it is in Birdland on March 10 - or at least, until something happens later. Have a safe Thursday.