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St. Patrick's Day Bird Droppings: Wishing a happy birthday to Chris Davis

It is St. Patrick's Day, and also Chris Davis's birthday, as well as the birthday of an infamous figure in Orioles history. Today in the links: Looking for rotation answers, Christian Walker rocking and rolling, and more.

Hello, friends.

There are now 18 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day, which means that today is Felix Pie Day. I mention this solely because of my friend and fellow Camden Chatter Stacey's ongoing fascination with the "adorable" Pie. The number was also worn by Javy Lopez, whom I have also heard a Camden Chatter liked for different reasons - as well as Bob Milacki, the starting pitcher in the last Orioles no-hitter, on July 13, 1991.

I do not remember what I was doing that day. Do you?

The Orioles have managed not to lose a game in three days. They will put this unbeaten streak to the test by playing two games today, a split squad on the road against the Red Sox at 1:05 and a split squad at home against the Twins at 7:05. Each of these games will be on non-Orioles radio - if you're an subscriber and able to access it, that is. Hopefully nobody gets hurt.

Oh, it's also St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy something green responsibly. And enjoy one of the greatest sports days in America - the opening day of the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Enjoy these two things in conjunction with one another!

Around the blogO'sphere

Analysis: Orioles still seeking answers in rotation, left field - Baltimore Sun
It's definitely a great sign when you are looking for answers in your starting rotation when there's two and a half weeks left to go until the regular season.

Orioles need bounce-back seasons from Tillman, Gonzalez for 2016 success (Press Box)
Speaking of looking for answers in the starting rotation... but, as we learned a couple of days ago, maybe they aren't even looking to Gonzalez to be one of the answers?

School of Roch: Walker: "I'm in and committed to doing what the team needs me to do"
One guy who's not struggled so far this spring is Christian Walker, who is here to hit dingers and chew bubblegum and he is out of gum. With there probably being a competition open for bench bat, it is a good time to be diversifying into an outfielder who hits dingers.

Off to a bad start: the worst Opening Day pitchers - Beyond the Box Score
One time, Jake Arrieta was the Orioles Opening Day pitcher, and that was actually really bad... but the story got even worse for O's fans.

Steve Melewski: Zach Britton talks about his outing and other notes from Twin Lakes Park
Zach Britton pitched in a minor league game yesterday and he had some really nice things to say about all of the minor leaguers.

American League East Preview: Baltimore Orioles - Pinstripe Alley
Elsewhere on SB Nation, one of our division rival blogs sizes up the O's for the year. What do you think about the Yankee fan's analysis?

Birthdays and anniversaries

There are two Orioles St. Patrick's Day birthdays. One of them is current Oriole Chris Davis. Happy birthday, Chris! The other is Raul Chavez, a 2006 short-timer.

Today is also the birthday of Cito Gaston, who still sucks.

Is today your birthday too? Happy birthday! Unless you're Cito Gaston. Along with Davis and those others, you share this birthday with one of Maryland's most infamous sons, Chief Justice Roger Taney (1777), author of the Dred Scott decision; musician Nat King Cole (1919), would-be Apollo 13 astronaut (and actual Apollo 16 astronaut) Ken Mattingly (1936), actor Gary Sinise, who portrayed Mattingly in Apollo 13 (1955), Smashing Pumpkins dude Billy Corgan (1967), soccer star Mia Hamm (1972), and Olympic gold medal swimmer/Marylander Katie Ledecky (1997).

On this day in history...

In 45 BC, Julius Caesar won his last victory, defeating Pompey the Younger in the Battle of Munda despite being outnumbered nearly 2-1.

In 1776 AD, British forces evacuated the city of Boston in the American Revolution, ending a siege. They left because George Washington set up artillery overlooking the city. Well, if that's all it takes...

In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt presided over the official opening of the National Gallery of Art.

In 1973, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph titled "Burst of Joy" was taken: an American POW being reunited with his family. The airman in the photograph, Lt. Col. Robert Stirm, had been held captive for nearly five and a half years - and the day he was released from captivity, he received a Dear John letter from his wife - who divorced him the next year. Geez.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on March 17 - at least, until something happens later. Have a safe St. Patrick's Day.